I am a passionate sports fan from the Boston area and a graduate of FSU with a degree in Business and focus on Quantitive Economics.

My interests lie mostly in Major League Baseball, but I also have a strong affinity for Pro Football, College Football and the History of Baseball as well as Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball.

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Here are some of my Awarded Articles:

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Credits Include:
Statistician producer for NESN's Documentary on the Dwight Evans Biography
Statistics and Research for NESN's Documentary on the Carl Yastrzemski Biography

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  • ryan swan posted 2075 days ago

    ryan swan

    Has anyone ever done a pitching study comparing pitchers and their stats with and without Varitek? Barring Varitek's inability to shutdown the running game towards the end of his career, he called a solid game and worked with his guys very well.

  • ryan swan posted 2093 days ago

    ryan swan

    Where are your new articles?!?! How are things?

  • ryan swan posted 2155 days ago

    ryan swan

    Sorry it took so long to reply, I hadn't seen your post to my page, which I only check every so often. My family is full of Giants fans, but many also cheer on the Jets because they don't see any true rivalry. Actually, most of us are okay with the Mets as well, and only care about them when they are playing the Yankees. I'm reading your article now.

  • Christopher posted 2239 days ago


    Patrick, got your message, can't reply for some reason. You've got it a lil mixed up though, I never said Bard to the closers role, I was a champion of Bard to the rotation. Based on his performance in High Leverage situations, or lack there of, I felt the rotation would offer more promise than closing.

  • Christopher posted 2239 days ago


    Patrick, long time no chat. Still think I'm crazy about Bard to the rotation? I prob don't look as nuts as I did months ago, right?

  • ryan swan posted 2264 days ago

    ryan swan

    I was quizzing you and figured you'd appreciate this trivia and could possibly use it with your New England friends. =)

  • ryan swan posted 2265 days ago

    ryan swan

    David Ortiz, 12 consecutive seasons, active streak leader.

  • ryan swan posted 2265 days ago

    ryan swan

    Triple, three bases, batter's box to third.

  • ryan swan posted 2266 days ago

    ryan swan

    Let me rephrase I realize my original was horribly done.
    There is a player who is leading the active streak of at least one triple in consecutive seasons. For example, Brett Gardner has had four consecutive seasons with at least one triple, including 2011 making it an active streak. Obviously Gardner is not the answer. Name that player.

  • ryan swan posted 2267 days ago

    ryan swan

    Do you know the active consecutive seasons of at least one triple player is?