Hollywood Harry Horrowitz

Hollywood Harry Horrowitz

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Bolstered with high expectations and expected duties, Hollywood Harry Horrowitz went to Las Vegas with one dream - Rule the World!

Money, it’s a hit.

After tearing the fabric of Vegas into seven pieces and dropping the shreds on a carpet of lies, Horrowitz was headed back home. He was headed to LA

Easton baseball bat in hand? Check

Gloria Estefan in the CD in the player? Of course.

Harry was driving some 852 miles on the wing of a dove and a prayer.

They had all seen the movie though. They knew Los Angeles wouldn’t be able to tame him. The 33 year old only stayed three months before heading off to Miami.

An idea born from the various wine aided brainstorms of Harry and Geronimo Johnson was about to come to fruition. The WNBA’s Miami Sol was the answer, but what was the question? How were they going to market them to the community?

It wasn’t to be.

So Harry sits here now just like the parents sat waiting in the basement throughout the movie House Arrest.

Kevin Pollak, you pushed us, but we didn't budge. Harry’s still here and he’s ready for the big time.

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