I go to high school in Virginia Beach and I want to be a sportswriter when I am older, mainly because both parents both used to write for newspapers.

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  • Brian Mazique posted 2332 days ago

    Brian Mazique

    thanks Ezra

  • Alan Rubenstein posted 2472 days ago

    Alan Rubenstein

    Thanks for becoming a fan of my writing. I noticed on your page you wrote the most unbreakable record is Arizona's NCAA Tournament streak. I realize you said during the 64 team format, but what UNC did is even more impressive. They made 27 straight appearances from 1975-2001. The first ten years of their streak, less than 64 teams were invited.

  • Peter Kleiss posted 2501 days ago

    Peter Kleiss

    Hey Ezra,

    How did you get your article to appear on both the Arizona and Memphis team pages?

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    scbmjrqq rlvivtwl

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  • Vin Getz posted 2558 days ago

    Vin Getz

    Thanks for the comment on the college bball names. I noticed you are a Giants fan so you might like this below. Matt is my friend's son, he's a sophomore, maybe you'll relate. Anyway enjoy. Good luck with your writing. Just keep pushing forward whether you have successes or setbacks. How bout those Jets, btw?

    Tribute to the 2010 World Champion SF Giants:

  • Mike Walker posted 2563 days ago

    Mike Walker

    In case you didnt know tucson leads the state in drug arrests and rapes.........sounds like a quality place.

  • Mike Walker posted 2563 days ago

    Mike Walker

    Bend over arizona! bend over and take the D**K!

  • Mike Walker posted 2563 days ago

    Mike Walker

    its called pro active check it out cause you face is fucked up

  • Mike Walker posted 2564 days ago

    Mike Walker

    does your mom know your on the internet?

  • Rob brooks posted 2566 days ago

    Rob brooks

    I completely love your writing style and arguments. You must be on the debate team, you are very well prepared. I hope to read more from you in the many years to come, we may not agree on a lot of things but your style is very entertaining. Keep up the excellent work and remember to use only facts. Thanks for great reading.