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my name is DAVID,And I am a 52yr old half poutuguse,and half hispanic man whos been following sports for as long as was able to walk(JUST KIDDING) BUT I think you get the picture, FOR at least 30 plus years for sure,anyways,My favorite sport had to be baseball,im only 5ft 6in.,although i did play junior varsity in high school,baseball that is,I KIND of had a complex in basketball to go out for the team in high school,but i loved to play it,i can remember we had an undefeated team in P.E.I WAS A SHARPSOOTER,i could hit the bomb from what would be the 3 pt.,shot nowadays,it was just an outside shot back then,SO one day i remember the junior varsity coach ,I can still remember his name HEINDRICHES,SO HE ASKED ME TO come out for the team,AND OF my reasoning,i shined it and just enjoyed playing during P.E.,AND pick -up games on week-ends with friends,also i remember when i was around 10 or 11,my DAD would get off work and hit fly-balls to me and my brother who is 14 mos. older then me at our grammer school,in which we lived right across the street from,ANYWAYS,MY LOVE FOR BASEBALL,as you can see started at a very young age,and basketball soon thereafter,because my DAD PUT A HOOP AND BACKBOARD,right in our driveway,so i would shoot the rock for many,many hours,and beg my MOM,during dinner time if i can hurry up and eat,so i can still catch some light and play,before it got to dark, then football,although i played YOUTH FOOTBALL IN THE VERY FIRST YEAR IT STARTED,CALLED Y.F.L.I WAS 15,AND IRONICALLY THE TEAM WAS THE JETS,MY FAVORITE TEAM NOW,THE NEW YORK JETS,ANYWAYS,ENOUGH OF MY BIO FOR NOW,I DO TEND TO STILL LIKE BASEBALL MORE THEN THE THREE,AS I STILL THINK OUT OF THE THREE I THINK I PLAYED THE GAME BETTER,WITH SOME SPARKLING PLAYS AT 3RD BASE,SOME PEOPLE SAID I MADE SOM PLAYS LIKE THE (VACUUM CLANER") BROOKS ROBINSON,AND SOME LIKE GREG NETTLES WHEN HE SINGLE HANDELY BEAT THE DODGERS(MY TEAM) IN THE 76OR 77 WORLD SERIES,ROBBING CEY AND A COUPLE OTHERS WITH DIVING STABS,THATS WHO I PLAYED LIKE OUT ON THE FIELD,SO I THINK YOU KNOW NOW THAT I DO TRULY LOVE THESE SPORTS,AND I HAVE BEEN A SPORTS FAN IN THESE 3 SPORTS FOR A VERY LONG TIME,AS I SAID,I AM 52,AND I STARTED WATCHING BASEBALL AROUND THE WES PARKER (DODGERS) DAYS,LOU BROCK,RON SANTO,I GUESS THAT WOULD BE THE SIXTYS,AND IN BASKETBALL WILT CHAIMBERLAIN,JERRY WEST DAYS,ALSO THE SIXTYS,AND OF COURSE FOOTBALL,GALE SAYERS,DICK BUTKUS, SO THE GOOD OLD DAYS IN SPORTS WHEN THE LOVE OF THE GAME WASNT ABOUT MONEY,BUT FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME ITSELF,NOT LIKE IT IS NOW WITH SOME OF THESE PLAYERS CONTRACTS THAT ARE OUTRAGEOUS!!

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