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Greg Marsh

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My name is Greg Marsh, friends call me Marshy. I have always had a love for Hockey. Growing up in Guelph, Ontario, my hometown team was the Guelph Platers of the OHL. Games were always exciting, and even a Memorial Cup victory in 1986. Everyone in Guelph swears they were there, but I was there. And witnessed all the mayhem, players throwing their equipment into the stands, and just chaotic celebration everywhere. My first team I fell in love with, and still love to this day are the Detroit Red Wings. Their team has definitely changed over the years, but I'll probably be a die-hard fan for years to come. I absolutely loved playing minor hockey in Ontario. The skill level is un-matched anywhere else in North America, and maybe even the world. Ontario has produced more NHL talent than any other region ANYWHERE! Definitely a proud Canadian, now living in New England, I was really surprised at the skill level in the area. I now play in probably the best men's league in New England. Located centrally in Woodstock, VT. The UVHL(Upper Valley Hockey League) has a lot of talent, comprised of former NCAA, Jr.A, Jr.B, High School Level, or just guys out to have a good skate. I really have never seen a league so well put together. Led by co-commissioners Shawn McDermott of Keswick, Ont. and John Turner originally of Philadelphia, PA and Kelly Park of Quechee, VT(son of NHL hall of famer Brad Park). The league is in great hands. Definitely what every hockey guy needs, a great night for hockey, comeraderie, a couple beers and a boneyard full of chicken wings!

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