brendon bowlds

brendon bowlds


If I had to pick one favorite sports team, it would probably be the Pacers, even when they were terrible for 10 years. I do love the Colts, but I am still more fond of the Pacers. When I state I really miss boxing, I know it still comes on. I just mean I miss the days of Tyson, later Roy Jones Junior. I think that the middle and lower weight divisions really carried the sport for a while, but certain rule changes and shady promoters caused a huge decline in the sport. So now, I am more enticed to watch a UFC match, though when boxing is good, I enjoy much more. I love watching Purdue, IU, and Butler basketball. As far as college football goes, I really have enjoyed the resurgence of the Notre Dame football program.

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  • Sir Gunner posted 1628 days ago

    Sir Gunner

    Bobcats are changing their name in 2014, you'll have to wait a bit a longer lol

  • ROLL TIDE from UNC posted 1639 days ago

    ROLL TIDE from UNC

    brendon, thanks very much for your response to my note. your clarification makes all the difference in the world and, i totally apologize for the TYLER -hater reference to you. i was wrong and misinterpreted your statements. as i stated in my original note, TYLER'S my fav ever from my alma mater and, i have watched every game he's played since going to CAROLINA. i tend to get so defensive for him because i feel he's been treated so unfairly. my wife constantly upbraids me for feeling such loyalty to someone that probably wouldn't even acknowledge my presence but you, as a sports fan, would probably understand my feelings.
    i will make a reply to my post on BR so i hope this will make everything cool between us. again, thanks so much for caring enough to respond to my note. take care and GO PACERS!!!

  • ROLL TIDE from UNC posted 1643 days ago

    ROLL TIDE from UNC

    forgive me for bugging you here on your bulletin board. but, i just had to read about someone who is such a hater of TYLER HANSBROUGH. i admit to being totally biased for TYLER since he's my fav athlete ever from my alma mater. yet, i still can not understand your distaste for him. preferring PENDI or lou amundsen to HANS defines you as the worst hater i've seen in my 3 years of debating, arguing, and almost coming to virtual blows in his defense and advocacy.
    btw, i hope you note my avatar and can identify the 2 as BAMA'S GREATEST COACH PAUL BEAR BRYANT AND QUARTERBACK JOE WILLIE NAMATH. notre dame's resurgence? improved: yes, definitely; capable of winning bcsncg: not yet and most certainly not if opponent is BAMA.
    again, regrets for invading your space but i felt the need to get this off my chest. and, you will understand, i know, because you are as passionate about your favorites as i am. have a great life and LIGHT, PEACE, AND POSITIVE ENERGY TO YOU AND FAMILY FOREVER!

  • Half Man Half Amazing posted 1650 days ago

    Half Man  Half Amazing

    Only problem is Granger already said he wants to start.
    I love how Lance pushes the ball but sometimes he gives nothing on offense. That's when DG would be really useful, if only he would accept a bench role like Amare.