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I'm just a kid whose hoop dreams, like many others, began with 'Space Jam.' Michael Jordan captivated my imagination, and it wasn't long after the film that I started to love his work with Scottie Pippen as much as I loved his work with Bugs Bunny.

The disease then spread, as my love of basketball began to spread from Jordan to the Bulls to the NBA, and finally reaching the realms of other sports. Very content to sit and watch practically any sport, I started to soak up knowledge like a sponge. My first love, however, will always remain the sport of basketball.

Growing up in Hong Kong, I had made up my mind from an early age that I was going to go to college in America, and it has not let me down. The wonder that is ESPN constantly amazes me, and my interest led me to become an Editing Intern here at this fine website, then a writer, then a Featured Columnist and now the Lead Featured Columnist for the Baltimore Ravens.

Even if I don't end up as some hotshot sports writer, you can be sure that I will watch any and every sport I can find with the same fervor and joy of a 6-year-old watching Michael Jordan dunk the ball from half-court.

Follow me on Twitter (@Kawhiser_Soze) for my witty tweets, links to well-crafted articles (forgive me for including my own work here, but it's mostly work from others), and breaking sports news and stories.

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