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  • Jimmy Reno posted 2949 days ago

    Jimmy Reno

    Please check out my latest Bama article!

  • Tyler Lambert posted 2949 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    Hey, I just completed my second article on Duke Football, trying to become a Duke Football Featured Columnist. I preview the Top 5 Offensive Players to keep an eye on in 2009. Since I am trying to become a FC, please leave any feedback that you can, what I should do differently next time, things I can do to improve the article, etc. Thanks in advance. I appreciate the support!

  • Heath McGuff posted 3033 days ago

    Heath McGuff

    Hey man I think you might like this....

  • Joseph Gelis posted 3146 days ago

    Joseph Gelis

    Jeff, if you are going to make a claim, as you did, you need to be prepared to back it up with some sort of evidence. That being said, exactly which of the very few games lost by LSU, under Coach Miles, over the past 4 years would St Nick have won for LSU? Would he have "willed" LSU to a win like he didn't against lowly Louisiana-Monroe (in Tuscaloosa) in 2007. I am still scratching my head over that one. And that one came with basically the same players you had last year. Yeah, the two coaches' abilities to get their team ready for the "big" game was never more apparent than this past bowl season. Can you say "overrated". Miles has been a far better coach for LSU then Saban ever was. LSU got the better deal in this little coaching adjustment. I know you are biased toward Alabama, as I am toward LSU, but the facts are the facts. Miles has a better track record than Saban does at LSU or Alabama. Period.

  • Larry Burton posted 3209 days ago

    Larry Burton

    I smell a good article in you about a single father raising two kids to be good sportsmen....