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Bob Wiltgen

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Bob is a new contributor to b/r and brings his expertise in Fantasy Football to a much larger audience. Having been a regular Fantasy Football player since 2001, his knack for extensive research and love of statistics is almost unrivaled by his friends and colleagues. His purpose is to bring you the best possible Fantasy Football advice each week while adding subtle humor and keeping it "fresh."

Bob's love for sports came at a very young age. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Bob was attending Chicago White Sox games while still in diapers and watching Bears games on TV with his father, learning about the great Walter Payton, Richard Dent, Mike Singletary and legendary coach Mike Ditka. His passion for the game of football is what drove him into the fantasy sports world. Trying his hand at Fantasy Baseball, he realized he would rather play the real game. 12 years of baseball later, Bob has switched his allegiances from Fantasy Baseball to the ranks of Fantasy Football. In 2005, Bob won his 1st Fantasy Championship in a league with "too many Packers' fans" as he put it. The next season, Bob won his 2nd consecutive Fantasy Championship dominating the Packer fan-heavy league for a 2nd straight year.

Beginning in 2009, Bob realized he had a hidden talent not used since his high school days: writing. Being a published poet and knowing his literary possibilities were endless, he began to blog about Fantasy football. He started his own Fantasy Football league in 2008 and in 2009, he began "helping" his friends with advice, tips and inside info on all things Fantasy Football.

In this, his 2nd year of writing, he brings his Fantasy expertise to to broaden his viewing audience. With endless goals set, he hopes to one day become "the guy on the sidelines," trying to get the quickest and most accurate info on players, coaches, teams, injuries, etc.

He hopes to help any and all Fantasy Football players/teams who are looking for that one-up in their respective leagues. In closing, he wishes everyone good fortune and good luck in this upcoming fantasy season!

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    James Ambler

    Hey man thanks for the "fan" and the "like." Glad you enjoyed the article. Welcome to BR.