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  • Andy Doubleday posted 1397 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    I saw the match against Ercciyespor. I think it was Emmenike who scored literally seconds from full time? It's literally the African trident that's doing that: Sow, Emenike, Webo.

    I'm not too impressed by Fener's centerbacks, as well. Bruno Alves and Egemen are too slow. Once they're out of position, they're goners. Pretty strong, though.

    When put like that, I guess Gala isn't out of the title race. Galatasaray are beginning to pick up steam. I hope they win, my favorite eastern European team. Although it sucks that there isn't enough coverage of the Super Lig, I'd love to watch more. For now, all I've got are highlights, and some Gala, Fener, Trabzonspor, and Besiktas matches on a dodgy website.

    Thank you for the compliment! Very kind. I became a casual fan in 1998. My cousins took me to Cartagena to watch a friendly vs. Real Madrid (some of my cousins live in Madrid). They know Jupp Heynckes's former agent's son. So I thought that was kind of cool. It wasn't until 2000 that I took football more seriously. And it was sudden, too. I suddenly began scouring every source out there to stuff myself with football.

    I've come a long way, and I have absolutely no regrets :). While I still haven't been to the Bernabeu (I will be going very soon), I wake up in the middle of the night just to watch them, whether it be a friendly in Qatar or the final itself in Lisbon.

    When I'm not studying, football is the only thing on my thoughts.

    Istanbul is a very beautiful city. I've been there on an airport layover. I went to the Blue Mosque and the Archaelogy Museum. You're a lucky person :D

  • Andy Doubleday posted 1401 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Yeah, I've noticed. Sneijder's played more as a false 10 rather than an outright 10.

    And Telles would be very good in the 3-5-2. Felipe Melo could drop back and cover for him. The problem with Gala executing that, though, would be whether Gala could convert to a 5-3-2 on the defensive, which is vital to the life of the formation. I can't really envisage Telles doing that too often. Although he was the best fullback in Brazil this past season, so I don't know.

    It looks like Fenerbahce will win this year, unfortunately.

    Do you live in Turkey by the way?

  • Andy Doubleday posted 1406 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Hey, Dean. You are the only Super Lig fan on here! I wanted to ask you a few questions:

    -I feel Wesley Sneijder has improved greatly since his pitiful beginning to his life in Istanbul. He's still not near the heights of 2010, but he has improved. Thoughts?

    -What do you feel is Mancini's best formation to use, to accomodate Yilmaz, Umut Bulut, and Drogba? I know Burak hasn't been his best compared to last season, but he still has good capabilities (joint top scorer, right?). So Mancini has tried a variety of formations. A flat 4-4-2 with Kaya and Melo in the middle. My personal favorite would be the 4-4-2 with the advancing wingers:

    Alex Telles (extremely good acquisition), Semih, Gokhan Zan, Veysel;
    Bruma, Melo, Selcuk Inan, Hajrovic;
    Sneijder with Drogba/Burak/Bulut in front of him.

    What do you think? Also, Bruma and Hajrovic would bombard down the flanks of the formation, giving it a bit of a 4-2-3-1 shape about it.

    Would like to hear your thoughts!

  • Sam Tighe posted 1407 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Dean, cheers bud. always good to check in on the other perspectives and leagues

  • Sam Tighe posted 1433 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Hey Dean,

    Would you be able to rank your top 10 Super Lig players from 2013? (the full calendar year, from Jan to Dec)

    It would be of great help to me in an assignment. Also, do you have Twitter?


  • Sam Tighe posted 1473 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Thanks Dean, much appreciated mate.

  • Sam Tighe posted 1488 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Hey Dean!

    Gala looked great tonight, I know it was only Copenhagen, but still. Melo looked great. I'd like to ask, how has he been performing across the season so far and how is Mancini doing? Tactics?


  • Frank Wagner posted 1674 days ago

    Frank Wagner

    Thanks for the praise, Dean!

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