Andrew Economous

Andrew Economous

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The Fink Would like to wish you a HAAAAPPPPPY HOLLIDAAAYSS!

I am just a runner and cashier at a café , whilst trying to be a wrestler.

I love rpgs , books ,mmos , rugby , football and basketball.
music is my life.
NikelBack sucks
Chad Kroeger looks like a rapist.

I love both skyrim and dragon age origins equally,
I believe orcs should be big huge green and ugly.
and warhammer rules,.

Dylan Roberts ( up and coming welsh man, finisher steak slice (cutter) my move lol
check him out people.

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  • Dan Riaz posted 199 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Wait theres an Edward?

  • Dan Riaz posted 214 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Dats Sharon for you

  • Behind Me posted 216 days ago

    Behind Me

    Look, Edward. You already wrote on my board twice. It is sad you have multiple accounts trying to defend yourself. You prove me right when I say you have no friends. You make this account seeming like someone is actually is defending you whereas it is actually you on another account. Tragic, just tragic.

  • Dan Riaz posted 217 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Dont worry she never leaves her house

  • Olli Seppala posted 219 days ago

    Olli Seppala

    XD That was hilarious. I love that site.

  • Dan Riaz posted 219 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Yeah Sharon does that...

  • Black Widow posted 220 days ago

    Black  Widow

    eh? Is this your new account?