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Tony Lugo

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Being born and raised in Austin, TX, I learned at an early age that when it came to sports, only two things mattered in Central Texas; the Texas Longhorns and the San Antonio Spurs. Being a native Central Texan has had its perks as far as sports are concerned. There was the Texas Longhorn football national championship in 2005 sanwiched in between a handful (literally) of Spurs championships. Not to mention the slew of national championships the other Longhorn sports teams won, as well as the tradition of winning with integrity the Spurs have had since what seems like time began. I also love to write, and writing about my spurs and daily musings are the things that make this thing called life tolerable. I hope to share my love of the Spurs with other Spurs fans and maybe even convert some others into Spurs fans.

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