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  • Charles Humphries posted 2639 days ago

    Charles Humphries

    Keep the Bama fans agitated. It is comical to see how arrogant they are. LOL

  • jeremy nelson posted 2644 days ago

    jeremy nelson

    you are an idiot!!! National Champs 1994 NCAA Bball. we have won the SEC west w/ an average team.. Hogs wins in the SEC ....Bama ( twice)....LSU ( a few times),.and the Vols to name a few and, in addition, Texas in the Cotton Bowl a few years back. It was an Arkansasan that was responsible for the Alabama football tradition...The "Bear"! And it will be Arkansas that beats the Tide thei weekend. ! Arkansas helped the SEC when the SEC ask them to join.
    I bet you believe Boise State should be in the BCS champuionship since they beat a lousy Virginia Tech team.!! I am glad I came across your show your ignorance about a sport and a team that obviously you no nothing about. Get a girl or jack off more!! iT WILL HELP!!

  • Kelly Scaletta posted 2646 days ago

    Kelly Scaletta

    Hey! It's backell! I saw you editing my article and I said, "I know that guy!"