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  • David Teo posted 99 days ago

    David Teo

    "I'm back"


  • Hey David! Where have you been? Its finally our time now that that Joke of a man called Moyes is finally gone and LvG has started the rebuilding process:)

  • solie 'soul-man' solomon posted 571 days ago

    solie 'soul-man' solomon

    With that board yes. It starts from the top

  • Ben Geza posted 573 days ago

    Ben Geza

    My shooping list 2014/2015

    1.Strootman In > Fellaini Out
    2.Pogba In > Cleverley Out
    3.Eriksen In > Young Out
    4.Reus In > Nani Out
    5.Cavani In > Welbeck Out

  • Ben Geza posted 573 days ago

    Ben Geza

    My answer is simple because he is the clueless one. There is nothing more painful for loyal fans and supporters to see 26 years of good work and empire undone in 6 months by someone. And yet we have pathetic fanboy claiming #MoyesOut# group are plastic because we want to protect the legacy of the club. Moyes and his pathetic plastic fanboys can follow him out. Nuff Said!


  • David Teo posted 573 days ago

    David Teo

    Oh my God, I hope y'all don't get seasick

    Sorry about my old buddy Mazoomy.

    We had a fight few years ago. Dumb Arguments about
    ~(Do You Want Moyes In or Moyes Out ?
    ~(Is Manchester United's Ashley Young A Cheat ?
    ~(Should Manchester United sell Wayne Rooney ?

    But,why he's angry with me for something ???????????????
    LOL..Because I want Moyes The Record-Breaker OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    Then he asked me some specific questions and I answered. He then of course disagreed and I disagreed again.He then got defensive and call me stupid/fucking piece of shit/Plastic/Glory Hunter blablablabla and said "That is the Stupidest thing I have ever heard" hahaha So I ignored him. And now he tries to attack ME when I go into the run. After Moyes's sacking last month,he tends to smack me for no reason. Silly kid hahaha.

    IMAO I feel I have EVERY RIGHT to want Moyes,Ashley Young Out and Keep Rooney!
    Yeah, you can call me plastic all you want but today proved Moyes doesn't know what he's doing and he has to go. ^^

  • mazoomy posted 573 days ago


    Moyes fanboy...? Wtf are you going on about?

    Anyway, you obviously don't have it in you to actually talk directly to me, so keep making these baseless insults in front of your fanclub if that helps you validate your existence. You keep spewing garbage, they keep cheering you on, you get to feel like you matter, and I don't have to see any of it. Win-win-win.

  • Abbaz Jones posted 573 days ago

    Abbaz Jones

    Hey man. Just ignore that stupid duck dude! This board is your forum, It's normal for Messi and Ronaldo fanboys still argue over who's better. But wtf! Moyes Fanboy ?!!! Young the king of pathetic divers?!!!! Grrr once a fanboy, always a fanboy. This is a classic kind of annoying person, he's just some poor asswipe lonely guy with no life lol.

    *****Five players Manchester United need to buy this summer*****
    1- Fabregas
    2- Reus
    3- Di Maria
    4- Muller
    5- Luke Shaw
    In my opinion i think Manchester United need these 5 players

  • Christy Douglas posted 573 days ago

    Christy Douglas

    Omg Moyesfanboy exo....Die-hard Moyesfanboys around the world seethed in anger ?
    I suppose this sums up fanboyism in a nutshell. Jfyi, moyesfanboy is often offensive, small-minded, loud-mouthed and impressively unreasonable.

  • David Teo posted 573 days ago

    David Teo

    Hello everybody, I'm here! Good Friday to all
    So today I have decided to try something a little different. The weekly discussion is already underway.

    Today's Topic: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and it's all small stuff so not worth sweating over.

    Who's Mazoomy ~below~? Where did that guy come from ? Should I report this ?

    Dumbass...lOL I can't stop laughing

    WIKI, he never knows when he makes you unhappy. He never knows how he upset you. He was sort of stupid, but not completely idiotic. An idiot decided to start a chicken farm so he bought a hundred chickens to begin with haha.

    He will never know what he said wrong. If he is your lover, be prepared for this. He is a private person, so when he needs to be alone better let him be. He likes to be in his own world. He likes to be conformed to his crowd, but if you watch him carefully, you will see the different.

    If you fall for him, you will stay like being trapped in a spider web. If you want to break up with him, he will persuade you a zillion ways to stay and you can not stop him anyway. After he persuades you to stay, or after a big fight, he will be so sweet to you as if he has never hurt your feeling before ever.

    Outside he looks like Ninja and Turtle, but inside he is a fragile person. If you want him, you have to like the same thing he does. 0_o

    Can you even imagine having your teacher interrupt your breakfast ? Yeah, It’s a teenage nightmare. And that’s exactly what Mazoomy was, a beautiful nightmare lurking alongside you through every single grade. And then, just when you've escaped, he follows you to college. He’s like the time you pissed yourself in elementary school..Wooo the damage done is inescapable.

    A STRAIGHT FOWARD, Mazoomy is MOYES FANBOY & ASHLEY YOUNG #1 FANBBOY! I don’t mind that you're talking so much as long as you don’t mind that I’m not listening Zzzzz hahaha.

    And I absolutely am against Moyes as a manager and AshleyBeYoung as a player for Manchester United.


    "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and it's all small stuff so not worth sweating over" TheEnd ^^