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We, as united fans, have every right to bitch and moan when our team is playing the way they are. We tune in to watch every game, buy shirts, subscribe to the teams websites, etc! Supporting gives us license to call them out on their bullshit. I call it how I see it. I am not going to sit around and patronize moyes until his contract expires and we are a lower half team with no talent because all of our great players left to win trophies for a manager they respect. If the 11 players on the field are all playing like shit, it is the fault of the manager. No one's bigger than the club even He's Team Manager or Big Name Players!!!

Lets not fool ourselves!In Moyes we trust for about 6 months and now I haven't been able to put my trust in him! Why? SAF left Moyes with last seasons EPL winners, a Champions team of experience and youth, a team with only one OBVIOUS weakness and one that could easily be fixed but Moyes ignored Strootman, Alcantara, Gustavo and instead overpaid for Fellaini? So actually SAF actually left his successor with the perfect opportunity to make one or two signings that would make a noticeable difference and gain the Moyes instant credit and make the team his, it would of also turned United from EPL contenders and a decent European team to a top European team! But Moyes flopped!

Wooha! David Moyes is a problem!He should never have been appointed as Man United manager! Rather than see our best players walk away and lose the core of the team I rather Man United Sack David Moyes Sooner Rather Than Later! It's not easy building a team and and if we have to do it from scratch then it could be a long slow process. The likes of , Rooney, RvP, Kagawa, Chicharito need to stay and help the youngsters coming through. We just need a manager who knows what he is doing. Also of Fellaini turns out to flop there will be big implications for Moyes because we are talking close to 30m. The board may lose faith in giving Moyes money to spend.

I Agree 100.00%, buying Fellaini was stupid and with that sort of money we would have only have been sort of buying Eriksen (£11m) Strootman (£17m) Joao Moutinho (£20 m) or Jesus Navas (£17m), can you believe that? But David Moyes is a pussy !!!! He Should have done that a little bit earlier in the summer and now he's looks out of his depth ! And want to panic buy in January. WTF!

Why Ozil can makes an immediate impact at Arsenal (Although he has no experience in the Premier League)

Why Fellaini FAIL makes an immediate impact at United (Although He has got great experience in the Premier League)

Because Marouane Fellaini really not worth £27million and he not the answer to fix the problem in United Midfield. Then Of Course Fellaini will rival Djemba Djemba and Bebe for the worst signing ever.

So What do you think, Is David Moyes The Right Man For Manchester United ?

What's Wrong With Manchester United right now? Is Moyes the right man for the job?

What do you think is affecting Manchester United right now, is it the manager or players?

How does Manchester United fans feel right now?

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  • David Teo posted 117 days ago

    David Teo

    Hahaha Ok!

    In regard, Mazoomy..Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and it's all small stuff so not worth sweating over. He's angry at me because I don't text him enough Lol haha!

    Btw, 5 players Manchester United need to buy this summer to get back to the to TOP.
    Who would top your shopping list ?

  • David Teo posted 127 days ago

    David Teo


    " Sack Him ! a monkey in a suit could do a better job lOL!

  • David Teo posted 226 days ago

    David Teo

    Great News! Cristiano Ronaldo wins FIFA Ballon dOr beating out Lionel Messi and Franck Ribery.. Hoorah!

    Cristiano Ronaldo a.k.a CR7
    1- The Legend of Manchester United
    2- The Legend of Premier League
    3- The Legend of Real Madrid
    4- The Legend of La Liga
    5- The Legend of Portugal
    Cristiano Ronaldo Is a Legend, I Don't care what messi fanboy may say...heheh

    CR7 deserves to win the Ballon d'Or :D

    Fun Facts About Manchester United Wingers :

    1- What is the salary of Ashley Young in Manchester united ?
    = £130,000 a week as a bench warmer and a diver.
    (54 EPL games 7 goals,12 assists and gained an unenviable reputation as The King Of Divers Lol!)

    2- What is the salary of Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United before he left for Real Madrid in 2009?
    = £120,000 a week
    (196 EPL games 84 goals, 34 assists and Won the footballs most prestigious individual award, the Ballon D’or.)

    3- What is the salary of David Beckham in Manchester united before he left for Real Madrid in 2003?
    = £45,0000 a week
    (265 EPL games 62 goals and 152 assists)

    Lol ashley young earns more than these players hahaha

  • David Teo posted 228 days ago

    David Teo

    Thus far in the 2014 January transfer window, Ole Gunnar has completed his second signing as Cardiff City manager with the capture of 23 year old Wolff Eikrem & 18 year old Wonderkid Mats Moller Daehli (Ex Talented Man Utd Players) And yet David Moyes didn't sign anyone lol! Oh, we've got Fellaini!

    Daehli rejected the chance to play under David Moyes..I Wonder Why ... ? hahaha

  • Diego Samparas posted 232 days ago

    Diego Samparas

    Yes..the atmosphere at Old Trafford very 'nervy' after back-to-back Premier League defeats.

  • Diego Samparas posted 235 days ago

    Diego Samparas

    Let's judge David Moyes at the End Of The Season, okay ? ...Give him a chance to rebuild the team the team in jan. =)

  • Abz posted 242 days ago


  • Rio Ferdinand posted 244 days ago

    Rio Ferdinand

    i deserved a new Manchester United contract and i can keep going just like Giggs and Scholes. david moyes is a clueless Scottish trash.

  • David Teo posted 245 days ago

    David Teo

    *** (Rakitic 2013/2014)

  • David Teo posted 245 days ago

    David Teo

    If I was united manager and moyes as my assistant manager ,haha lmao *just joking*. I would buy any of these 10 players in January to insure united finish in the top 4 and to win whatever trophies (C1,FA,ECL Cup) this season.

    1. Lewandowski, I'm fucking speechless! he's a World Class for sure. HAT-RICK HERO! He recorded two hat-trick against Real Madrid and Bayern Munich! His contract is set to run out at the end of this season. Heavily discounted price in January and available less than £10 Million. Free transfer at the end of this season. WOW!!!

    2. Rakitic, I wouldn't say NO to this sevilla captain anyways ! 9.5/10!! He is truly marvellous player,criminally underrated in the world. Rakitic already admits he is frustrated with his time at Sevilla “It is clear that in such a big club people can not be satisfied with average results. If there is no success, if there are no trophies, frustration grows. Everything has changed.”-skysports.

    If you ask David Teo: Who’s better, modric or rakitic ? David Teo will voted for Rakitic anywhere, anytime on the pitch Hahaha. This season, he has scored 7 goals and gave 8 assist in 15 La Liga games. I wouldn’t say NO to him!!! £20/30/40million..Yes, he’s worth it. (new video 2013/2014)

    3. Xabi Alonso, the man with the beautiful beard LOL! he’s a World Class for sure. Also out of contract at the of this season. Real has been offered him a one year contract extension but no deal has been struck. Long-term replacement? NO. Short-term Fix? Absolutely, YES!

    4. Strootman, the perfect solution to our midfield! Top Class player. He is best used as a central midfielder, or as a box-to-box midfielder or a deep-lying playmaker. I’ll go and break the bank to bring in this DUTCH ROY KEANE !

    5. Gundogan, another Dortmund player! Maybe someday we could bring Dortmund manager hahaha. Gundo could be the perfect signing to inject a bit of pace and magic into the current United lacklustre side. He has been out with a back injury since mid-August and valued at around £25million. I’ll go and break the bank to bring in this DORTMUND ACE!

    6. Morgan Schneiderlin, I thinks Schneiderlin is absolute very very good player and massively underrated in the EPL. I’ll Swap Anderson or giant fellaini or average cleverley for him. I'd do that swap any given day LOL!hahaha

    7. Koke, one of the hottest properties in la liga. So Creative and his passing range is definitely similar to that of Xavi. He has been hailed as THE NEW XAVI by La liga fans and expert talent scout!!His release clause only £16 million

    8. Claudio Marchisio, an all-around footballer, creative midfielders who can pass the ball well and among the most underrated Playmaker In the worlds. I can't believe it.

    9. Matuidi, one of the best player in Ligue1 france.

    10. Cabaye, really good playmaker but £20 or 25million is simply too much to pay.

    Last choice
    > Out of form 12 million Sneijder (cup-tied, panick buy)
    > Overprice and Overrated 36 million Herrera (He does not have a single senior cap with the Spanish national team, wtf)
    > Jurgen Klopp!!!!hahaha