Chris  Anderonss

Chris Anderonss


Huge Laker fan... I am basically a Los Angeles sports fan. My favorite team in the NBA is the Lakers. I still root for the Clippers though since they are from LA. My favorite MLB team is the LA Angels in the AL, but I also like the Dodgers in the NL. But if the two were ever to face each other in the World series, I would root for the Angels. I also like watching the MLS (LA GALAXY) and while I dont watch Football often, I still root for the Chargers since my entire family are fans of the Chargers.

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  • GoToSleep RightNow posted 2635 days ago

    GoToSleep RightNow

    This Bhemis guy is more fun than Armen. Armen was slightly smarter by a paper thin margin, worthy of beating him up.

    Bhemis is dumb and dumberer.

    He's picking it with even Heat fans.

  • GoToSleep RightNow posted 2636 days ago

    GoToSleep RightNow

    I'd never thought I would say this but Bhemis is raising his game worse than Dacity.

    Dacity roots for LeBron because he cares about the Heat franchise. Parks just rides Wade's dick. Even thought LeBron is on his team now, he tries so hard to prove a point that Wade owns the team.

    Too bad. We're gonna make sure the clash of the titans is inevitable within the Heat team. LeBron, and really in all honesty, owns Heat now. The stray has taken over the house.

  • GoToSleep RightNow posted 2651 days ago

    GoToSleep RightNow

    Kudos to our own Lamar Odom. He'g got a gold to brag about.

    It's official. Kevin Durant is the next real CHOSEN ONE.

    OKC will be our hardest foe to beat down with KD and RW.

    It's time Miami to die.

  • GoToSleep RightNow posted 2651 days ago

    GoToSleep RightNow

    Bro. The time has come for us to start promoting our own next gen player.

    Until Kobe retires, hopefully by the end of his current contract and with at least 2 more rings, he's the big dog.

    However we need a new champion, for realistic purposes and to fight off the Miami scrotum lickers.

    Lets push Kevin Durant. Dude just scored 38 pts in an international game and set the team USA record. He's 21 years old, 4-5 younger than LeBron and 7 younger than Wade. It's a good way to mouth off the everyone who keeps yaking off for younger blood.

    Most importantly, the kid is a saint. He's gone beyond Jordan, Bryant, and James.

    The "3rd coming" of the NBA has begun.

  • GoToSleep RightNow posted 2652 days ago

    GoToSleep RightNow

    Boss, we got ourselves another bitch to slap around. Since Dacity is so damn busy talking about the Rams, Bhemis Parks is raising his toes now.

    He just straight out calls you an addict. Definitely the kind of breed we need for a nice little talk.

    Lets keep things under the rules but call out on his insults and flag everything we can while bringing down some annoyance on his sorry ass.

  • GoToSleep RightNow posted 2671 days ago

    GoToSleep RightNow

    lets enjoy the halcyon days of Dacity hibernating under a rock.

  • GoToSleep RightNow posted 2672 days ago

    GoToSleep RightNow

    I'm concerned that you called him a four eye "something." You should really clean that up.

    Our team shouldn't just be about Kobe and Pau. We need all our cylinders clinking. That's how 96 Bulls did it.

    So if Drew can stay out of knee injury and the bench actually become a really good bench mob for a change, we're game.

    I want to see a lot of garbage time and our starting line up chilling at the end of games.

  • GoToSleep RightNow posted 2672 days ago

    GoToSleep RightNow

    good man. and no there's nothing "poor" about this guy.

    but do cover your ass and get rid of those swear word or words you used.

    I do think the Heat is gonna be good, in fact quite great.
    If I was the Heat coach, I'd assign Wade or James as the bench mob captain.

    Rick Fox said by their 4th Finals appearance in 03, the squad was kinda tired of themselves withe the continuous campagn that went on for 4 years. He's concerned that the same could happen with this squad too.

    But, this is PJ's last run. Kobe's the captain, not Shaq (the lazy fathead who stopped caring after 02) We got better players.

    If Boston showed us anything, and I humbly respect them, it's best defensive tenacity they showed and the having the true old school "heart of a champion" that no other team possessed for the past 3 years. Play D. Just really really good D and we can win.

    The Lakers went from soft to tough and showed it last Finals. We got 3 defensive assholes on our team and a mean back up PG.

    What Armen fails to realize is that Wade's got another good 3 years left in high caliber play. He's still too reckless though he strenghtened his body with Tim Grover.

    James, I don't know what the hell he's doing on his off time but he's certainly isn't working THAT hard. I'd be shooting a million free throws if I was him but I think he's too relaxed and happy about next season that he's gonna keep doing the same thing he's been doing.

    Bosh, well he's at his peak. he's not getting any better. So you got young but not necessarily improving players just thinking about partying their asses off.

  • GoToSleep RightNow posted 2672 days ago

    GoToSleep RightNow

    hey chris, I know you're having fun but BR could ban you. Hell I was way worse than what you were doing at one point.

    Direct profanities are not allowed and definitely fish out the responses you want to use against your opponent, kinda like how lawyers do things. Never pull the trigger first on the F,S,B words.

  • GoToSleep RightNow posted 2673 days ago

    GoToSleep RightNow

    you know those world of warcraft players who keep a tin can under their desk and have relationships with the opposite sex within the gmaes?

    not a whole lot of difference with our Dr. Evil.

    (sorry if you are one of those people who is a WOW fanatic. you're still cool even if you are)