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  • The Rhino King posted 2537 days ago

    The Rhino King

    Ahhhhhhhh the proverbial: "Hope springs eternal in the human breast;Man never is,but always to be blest;The soul.Uneasy and confided from home.Rest and expatiates
    in a life to come." A little Alexander Pope rehash eh.He was a paranoid man,wouldn't leave his house without his Great Dane and a couple loaded pistols.Do you think Burke is afraid to walk outdoors without his six-shooters?
    Yes The Leafs need work but to be so certain of their outcome.Maybe you are more like Alexander Pope after all.Pope was a realist, but did he die by his critics hands? no.realist,paranoid which one is it.You could be right about everything you say about the Leafs,Think you'll bat a 1.000.Or will you still walk with a Great Dane.

  • Mark Ritter posted 2542 days ago

    Mark Ritter

    Latest article:

  • Louis Pisano posted 2572 days ago

    Louis Pisano

    Never mind ppl that feel that you're jumping down thier throats keep it up, I love it and your points are valid! Had to become a fan man! Peace!

  • Louis Pisano posted 2572 days ago

    Louis Pisano

    You maybe be the best commentor on this site, always solid!