Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein


Victor Frankenstein found Major League Baseball as a 10 year old living in Lafayette, CA.
His favorite team was the Giants. That has not changed.
There was a Bonds on the Giants back then.
Also a Mays, a Marichal and a McCovey.

He has dreams where Lon Simmons constantly drones two phrases.
The other is "WILLIE MONTANEZ."
Lon does not know how to properly pronounce Willie's last name.
Victor appreciates that.

He has lived, since becoming stuck there in 1979, in the Valley Of The Surface Of The Sun. That's the greater metro Phoenix area, which is the territory of the Arizona Diamondbacks - or, as he refers to them, the Blanks.
He refers to his home as Blankland, or "Hell".

In 2009 Victor and his son drove 800 miles to see the final games of the Giants' end - of - July homestand against the Colorado Rockies. These would be the first Giant games Vic had seen in San Francisco since 1971. He did this because he wanted to see what it would be like to cheer for the Giants in a place where being a Giant fan wasn't a felony.

(Victor is not a quiet fan. He is not popular at the Chase Library, where he has been reported to Chase Guest Services for being "too loud". This is at a park where the instant the electronic prompts stop making noise the crowd follows suit.)

The Giants did not disappoint, but Victor's navigational abilities did.
Coming out of SF he turned right on the 5 and drove 400 miles before realizing that Klamath City wasn't where he wanted to be.

He has been a cyclist for over 30 years.
He likes to cycle in the heat because it cuts down on the electric bill when 80 degrees gives him goosebumps.
He used to race but now enjoys riding more.

Victor is not a member of any communities.
He has been a member of many SBNation baseball sites, notably McCovey Chronicles and Az Snakepit.
Both have banned him.

All the stories are true.
If they're not, let him know.
He'll do what he can to help.

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  • Tim Mosher posted 2436 days ago

    Tim Mosher

    What Victor , you boycotting BR ? I thought I ran out a couple of tasties that you could have munched on. Back in Dumboldt Co. and my Magic Jack is up and running. give me a call bud. ...Mosh

  • Tim Mosher posted 2504 days ago

    Tim Mosher

    Victor .......Dr. I crashed my comp again , had Century Link come out fix everything but lost my memory on Magic Jack . Had several days of on / off give me a call

  • Tim Mosher posted 2515 days ago

    Tim Mosher

    Dude where the hell did the Giants get BR to hide your piece ?

  • Tim Mosher posted 2516 days ago

    Tim Mosher

    John ....I'm gettin' hammered over on the Sillanpaa article.I got the conversation away from the rotation issue to the Torres BS .Check it out.

  • Victor Frankenstein posted 2525 days ago

    Victor Frankenstein

    Gawd, you're an ugly man.