Dolph Ziggler Sells Better Than TNA Tickets

Dolph Ziggler Sells Better Than TNA Tickets

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  • LeeXD posted 3 hours ago


    I agree! I miss Ambrose SO MUCH, he just added something to RAW. I know right, I don't know why they would send him off when he's right in the middle of a heated feud :/ Well I'm planning on watching Lockdown for the sole purpose of watching Ambrose lol :D have you watched any of the WWE Studio films? XD

  • FWP Jr. Loves Paige posted 3 hours ago

    FWP Jr. Loves Paige

    Thanks for the link. That sounds good to me. The Attitude Era 2.0.

  • The 1 And Only GOAT posted 3 hours ago

    The 1 And Only GOAT

    The Rock vs Brock Lesnar II should main event WrestleMania 32 in the AT&T stadium and break Hogan-Andre's attendance record.

    I would do anything for that to happen.

  • Randy Norton posted 5 hours ago

    Randy Norton

    Really hard to name 10 but I'll name it in no order.

  • NP. Thanks for the fan back:D

  • Randy Norton posted 9 hours ago

    Randy Norton

    Great List.

  • Jaspal Johal posted 23 hours ago

    Jaspal Johal

    Not bad mate :) Yourself? WWE has been a disappointment but other than that, it's been ok. Did you catch NXT Takeover II?

  • LeeXD posted 1 day ago


    I've read what's happened and I'm not too impressed, I haven't watched RAW/Smackdown for about 2 weeks :/ They are so desperate for people to buy the network but if this is what they're producing then I'm not surprised people aren't buying.

  • Randy Norton posted 1 day ago

    Randy Norton

    Favorite 10 Wrestlers of all time ?

  • LeeXD posted 2 days ago


    Thank you :D are you looking forward to RAW? XD