Dolph Ziggler Sells Better Than TNA Tickets

Dolph Ziggler Sells Better Than TNA Tickets

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  • For that I'll never bury you. BURY DAT.

  • *your* F*ck typo.

  • Here's an add for our name.

  • I don't need to bury them. My fellow WWE creative members will do that before me.

  • LeeXD posted 2 days ago


    I agree, I know HHH isn't perfect, but NXT has outshined the main roster so many times, its crazy. I thought Fast Lane was decent, the crowd was absolutely horrible, the atmosphere was so dead I struggled to watch. They barely made any noise. I thought the main event was pretty good, I'm glad Reigns is showing people he is improving. I wasn't overly impressed with the whole PPV but I didn't expect much, what did you think of it? XD

  • How about these pics?

  • Don't be sad. I won't bury Ziggler again.

  • I buried that cookie.

  • LeeXD posted 7 days ago


    It's all these tag matches and DQs, they are driving me crazy LOL. I have a little bit of faith that the booking will improve.

  • LeeXD posted 8 days ago


    I don't have high hopes for Fast Lane. I hope they prove me wrong, its the road to WM, WWE should be trying their hardest to get fans to invest.