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  • Edward Morris posted 5 hours ago

    Edward Morris

    I'll play along. I like Punk because he was an awesome wrestler and one of the best on the mic. But more importantly then that i'm not going to turn on a wrestler just because they left WWE.

  • I am the one in 18 seconds posted 7 hours ago

    I am the one in 18 seconds

    Yeah, i liked it a lot, as you said Sheamus and Cesaro had an awesome match(was expected), followed by the classic or Randy/Y2J. But there more moments to remember like Sandow that guy is crazy! once The Miz won and was lying on the floor outside the ring he threw himself and did exactly what the miz did, that was hilarious, the tag match was great and you were right about Stardust and Goldust, i didnt see it coming really. The USOS have been booked so strong that i thought they retain now and lose later, still good call by the WWE. The Dust Brothers are a great thing, and they are and were great tag champs.

  • Ice Cream is SAWFT posted 8 hours ago

    Ice Cream is SAWFT

    My wife

  • The Anti-Diva posted 8 hours ago

    The Anti-Diva

    Thre is really no need to be a hater because hate is ugly. I love all of God's children. If you dislike someone over the internet and hold a grudge then its sad. You think I didnt have my days of frustrated in how they treated me in the army?! They ticked me off plenty in Kabul but I got over it because I had a country to fighht for and a husband to live for.
    Hate is ugly. “Most haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potentiality.”

  • The Anti-Diva posted 9 hours ago

    The Anti-Diva

    Planning my daughter's 1st birthday for next month. WHo's Helen and why are you still not over something that happened years ago?

  • That Guy posted 9 hours ago

    That  Guy

    Thoughts on RAW????

  • Ashley Jensen posted 10 hours ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Do they have a contest to see who gets the MITB briefcase?

  • The 1 And Only GOAT posted 10 hours ago

    The 1 And Only GOAT

    Anyway, WWE is promoting Oct.10 as Smackdown's 15th Anniversary.

    Who would you like to see appear the most? The Rock or The Undertaker or Edge or Brock Lesnar or Dr of Thugonamics or Triple H or Rey Mysterio?

    For me, it has to be The Rock (It's his show / the people's show)

  • The 1 And Only GOAT posted 10 hours ago

    The 1 And Only GOAT

    F*** !! WWE keeps burying the miz over and over and over again. They made him from wm main eventer to being in a mid-card useless match to pre-show to battle royal.
    They make him the "host" of summerslam? REALLY?

    And now that he's back as an entertaining heel, they give him 2 joke Of a IC title reigns?? F'CK YOU WWE!!

  • Ashley Jensen posted 11 hours ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Cena won but Lesner kept the belt. Will Rollins cash in soon?