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  • Edward posted 3 hours ago


    It's called moving on jackass. You create fake accounts to mess with her, attack her almost 24/7. Hell i've seen you bring her kid into it. For what perpose? Because she said something about Punk or she dissed WWE? Or she just disagreed with you on a few things and now you've made it your mission in life to troll her.

    So she's on here every day? Dude, she's hardly on here anymore. You are on here like 5 times a day every day i'm guessing?

    And you tried messing with me after you lied about Punk and i called you out on it. Which led to you trolling me for 2 weeks because you can't accept people having diffrent opinions.

    Now i'm going to leave it here as i don't plan on sticking around for 1 and 2. i remember that you are one of those losers who has to have the last word. So comment back if you want, i won't be.

  • Edward posted 23 hours ago


    Last i cheeked, shes not on much anymore, while you are on every day.

    "I have a life, I don't have time for trolling" That's why you trolled me for 2 weeks just because i like Punk right? Just like you troll people for liking Punk? And if that's not the case, what did she do to deserve getting trolled by you 24/7?

  • Y2B posted 1 day ago


    Fear... the Universe is ranked with it. They keep telling themselves there is nothing to fear, but the reality is we fear that which we do not know. They say we must fear, fear itself, but that face, it is fear. It haunts your dreams. It haunts your very existence. That face was only conquered by the darkness, but it lives on. Smiling.... smiling. She always said that a smile shines light upon the darkness, but I don't think she understood the light was fire.... Fire which the world will be set in... run!

  • Edward posted 1 day ago


    No, i'm telling you to leave her alone. She doesn't deceve to be trolled because she's a Punk fan while your a little shit who gets hardcore whenever people don't agree with you.

    So stop being a fucking troll and get a life outside your laptop screen.

  • The show was amazing, my favorite was Sheamus vs Ziggler and then the fatal four way, i dont know why but so much interference from Kane and J & J security made me dislike the match. It was more like a 4 on 3 handicap match, my favorites fatal four way matches are Taker vs Hart vs Vader vs Austin and Jericho vs Del Rio vs Sheamus vs Orton. BTW I prefere Ledger over Nicholson as the best Joker.

  • Evenflow posted 4 days ago


    Better Joker, Nicholson or Ledger? I gotta go with Jack here. He was the man. Such a great performance.

  • Dave posted 4 days ago


    No problem.

  • How are you man, your thoughts on WWEPAYBACK?

  • Balor is Bae posted 8 days ago

    Balor is Bae

    Daniel Bryan fan?

  • Balor is Bae posted 8 days ago

    Balor is Bae

    Where have you been? I miss the intellectual comments.