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  • Connor Green posted 392 days ago

    Connor Green

    You went out of your way to provoke a random user on Bleacher Report for no apparent reason. You post with awful grammar and your name and entire bio is in all caps. Yet, somehow, I'm supposed to believe you're not a troll account. Okay, I'll play along. The Spurs as a team played better while LeBron essentially carried the Heat throughout the series. One man can't beat an entire team that played as well as San Antonio did in that series. Oh well, I don't really care about it anymore with football season right around the corner.

    Feel free to leave me alone now.

  • Blake Dodge posted 400 days ago

    Blake Dodge

    Brady is better than Big Ben

  • Connor Green posted 405 days ago

    Connor Green

    I just noticed your comment on my page. You definitely seem like a troll account so I don't expect a legit answer, but may I ask how you found me and why you felt the need to leave that pointless comment?

  • Only Cowboys fan you'll like posted 410 days ago

    Only Cowboys fan you'll like

    Fan this account.

  • Celtics Fans Bleed Green posted 414 days ago

    Celtics Fans Bleed Green

    yeah sure

  • Blake Dodge posted 415 days ago

    Blake Dodge


  • Gators 4 Life posted 416 days ago

    Gators 4 Life

    The Penguins suck and so does John Gaymos.

  • Smacktalker Skywalker posted 417 days ago

    Smacktalker Skywalker

    Hey Muriel!

  • Smacktalker Skywalker posted 418 days ago

    Smacktalker Skywalker

    hivhuvhifhvifuhihsivishvishfivhvfhwpofqpeefjpiejfq > Steelers

  • Luka Megurine posted 425 days ago

    Luka Megurine

    Yeah, yeah. Well like that's your opinion m8. No need to spread propaganda everywhere.