Joseph A Vance

Joseph A Vance


Ohio Native,love outdoors,played Basketball in school,long distance sprinter,have 3 sons,grew up in a family of 5 me 2 bro's mom and dad ( all are gone now except mom ) beleive it should go like this God-family-friends-job.I love sports and watch allmost all of them,love to bowl played semi pro for 2 years but like the family leauge's better.went to Nashville State Tech. left home when I was 15 years old.I think Gods greatest invention is the a softy at heart will help anyone unless you do me dirty.wish i could quit smoking cigeretts.I love watching college football and college basketball.Love outdoors nature is beautiful.I truly hate "sports south radio" it is the most bias talk radio in this country.I love to watch things evolve but sometimes its for the worst not the better.I am learning to watch girls college volleyball and think its as good if not better than Girls basketball.I am begining to do the second half of my life and think it will be as good if not better than the first half.God bless all,please try to keep hatred out of sports its just a game nothing more.

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  • Chuck Maglaughlin posted 1488 days ago

    Chuck Maglaughlin

    Joe...I'm getting tired of our Buckeyes running out of gas at the end of the year, and the coaching staff that seemed to be so unprepared and in dire need of creativity! It's getting to be, oh well, there's always next year! THIS should have been THE year! God bless, and I often pray for you to quit lighting up! It takes years off your life and precious time away from your family.

  • Marcus Rini posted 1717 days ago

    Marcus Rini

    Based on your character bio, you appear to be a pretty cool dude. Your profile picture says otherwise... :P Like you said though, it's a game and nothing more. It's good to meet fellow college football fans who don't take it so seriously and don't take losses to heart.

  • Kyle Miller posted 1885 days ago

    Kyle Miller

    Just so you know, Bo Schembechler was 2-8 in Rose Bowls at Michigan. You asked me that and that's the answer I gave you. You said I was wrong. Double checked, yeah, I was right.

  • Chad Minton posted 1934 days ago

    Chad  Minton

    As you asked for, here's my take on MTSU's big win over Ga Tech and what it means for their program going forward.

  • Chuck Maglaughlin posted 1957 days ago

    Chuck Maglaughlin

    Hey Joe!...thanks for the note...last time you sent me one I responded but for some reason the process just didn't work. About OSU, I'm still in recovery from the Tressel mess. I'm a long-time Buckeye fan, but too many of their fans are in the "idiot" category. It will take a lot of healing to get me psyched up. I do love college football! I see you are a Christian! I was saved 9/8/72. It's been only by His grace that I've survived so much pain, heartache and tragedy. Even though I played 3 sports in HS, bowling was my passion. My best man once threw back-to-back 300's at me! My other good buddy and I once scored 1671 combined for 3 games. He-836. I-835. Most of my good friends as a kid were all grown adults at the bowling alley. Bowlers are the greatest! As far as your need to quit smoking, Gary S. Paxton of Monster Mash fame and a Christian to boot, once wrote a song that had a line, "You ain't smoking them cigarettes, baby they're smoking you"! I'll keep you in my prayers! Go Bucks! Chuck

  • Kevin Lindsey posted 2676 days ago

    Kevin  Lindsey

    Thanks for the like on the Big Ten Power Ranking article