Jon Root

Jon Root


With a last name like Root it would be easy to understand Jon’s connection to the Outdoors. From a young age, he has always found great happiness exploring and experiencing all that Nature has to offer us. An avid hiker, rider, self professed outdoor enthusiast, Jon often expresses how the feeling of a good ride, a new place with a new experience and being inspired by Nature always keeps him on the move wanting another great vista.

Growing up in Southern California not only provided easy access to great coastal and mountain venues, it was the launch pad to a successful path in sports as a professional Volleyball player. After a rapid rise through the high school ranks, Jon excelled at Stanford University, becoming a 3 time All American athlete and completing degree work in Economics and Political Science. From 1986-1990, Jon spent 5 years playing for USA Volleyball, earning a Gold Medal at the 1988 Olympic Games. After finishing his career in the Italian professional league, Jon retired from beach and indoor volleyball in 1994 to work two Olympic Games as a marketing professional.

From his days training, traveling the world, competing in sports at a very high level, Jon holds a keen appreciation for ‘that which transpires behind that which appears’. Whether immersed in performance, or immersed in Nature his philosophy is that Life is a Spiritual Sport. His descriptive adventures touch on biking through Olympic National Park( Hurricane Ridge), trekking throughout Southeast Asia in the early years, climbing Mt. Whitney in a day, backpacking in the Wind River Range and hiking/biking the Pacific Northwest trails.

Jon currently resides in Carmel, CA where he balances his time between Real Estate and performance coaching throughout the state ( Interests include hosting informal dinner parties, landscaping, a good road trip, running around with his dog Red, and of course, all-day beach volleyball gatherings during Summer. For professional or personal inquiries, he can be reached via email at

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