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Single , full time father to an angel of a little girl, she's 5 and loves the Dolphins and Tarheels as much as i do ... come on i named her Carolina!
I became a fan of Miami in 1972, I was 8 years old and we all know they lost not one game .... at 8 , i thought they had to be the best ever ( turns out i was right ) and i love them, and admire Shula's legacy as well as Griese and so many greats and am proud to be a fan even during worst seasons .
I have never written an article , never taken a class on jounalism , so this is my way of living a little like the pros i read each day . I have been disabled and crippled now for nearly 3 years , can no longer weight train , or box as i was a Golden Gloves fighter only a short ten years ago , now spine is fusing due to ankylosing spondylitis and no cure exists and seeing as it is a 1 in 800,000 men disease and not a big revenue producer , no cure will be sought with much urgency . Painful slow process , yet my lil girl gives me the reason to keep going one day at a time , Go Phins and Go Heels ! Looking forward to trying my hand at a few articles this NFL and NCAA Football season.

Mark in S Carolina

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  • mark osborne posted 1812 days ago

    mark osborne

    Ready for pre season NFL / Miami