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  • The GOAT 34 posted 9 hours ago

    The GOAT 34

    Did that just happen?

  • gone again?

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1 day ago

    Ashley Jensen

    You sure are superhero!

  • Donovan Griffin posted 1 day ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    ''why that guys pic ?? where's our bat??''


  • LeeXD posted 2 days ago


    I'm good granddad, how are you? :P What did you think of RR? XD

  • WTFF ROMAN REIGNS!!!! I was so pumped after that AWESOME! Triple Threat match and then all this happened.....

    Was waiting for Randy......didn't come......Sheamus.......didn't come.......hell the Rock decided to show up FINALLY to promote fuc*ing Reigns??!!

    Worst Rumble ending ever!!!! If anything, I just hope that Brock leaves that Jabroni in a pile of blood, sweat and urine at Wrestlemania.

  • The Gap posted 2 days ago

    The Gap

    After tonight's Royal Rumble...depressed. That was a sad sight throughout...

  • Superman Reigns ...Dammit WWE posted 3 days ago

    Superman Reigns ...Dammit WWE

    thank you for the fan add, and what do you think about the new name and picture, yeah i know it's not Superman Reigns, and i will miss that name, but i have been repping it since the Summer, and the rumble is coming up, and i got to make it known that i want Ziggler to win, but other than that, thoughts? and trust me if Reigns wins, i'll change it back

  • Bye for now bro. I gotta head out. Its sooo good to have u back!

    And dont disappear in the dark once again. I'll be waiting for u 2morow after the Rumble!!

  • I see gta 5 and cod on the playlist. Are they as good?