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Fond of games which lend themselves to analysis of strategy. The game of Nim used to be my favorite when I was a kid. A friend of mine says an abbreviated form is pretty popular in bars, at least in India.

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  • Anders posted 2270 days ago


    I trust you'll be interested in this: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/911819-the-best-returners-of-the-last-twenty-years

  • Anders posted 2307 days ago


    I trust you will be interested in this. For some reason, it's not on the site, but only in the archives: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/860760-rafael-nadal-the-most-important-reason-why-he-will-bounce-back-in-2012

  • JP A posted 2312 days ago

    JP A

    I am excited. It is time now for change of guards again. Back to Rafa. Djoker's body can not hold anymore (we expected this), he retired for the second time of the year. I believe, next year his mindset also can not hold the pressure of being number 1 and defending huge points.

  • Vashti S. posted 2317 days ago

    Vashti S.

    You're right :) Anything now will be jam. As a matter of fact, I could care less about Novak and his records ad his money. Wasn't he going to have the best year for money anyways? Whatevs.
    What I saw working was the slice, and then going Novak's BH then aiming it at his forehand. Also the serve down the T, but mix it up with the wide serves. Keep him guessing. But when Rafa missed that overhead smash, I could tell. That was all nerves and the same thing happened at Wimbledon. Rafa never misses those, and that amazes me that it happens vs Novak.
    Although I have said I am not ostracizing Novak, I will for this. Why are you allowed to take an mto before the other player's serve???? Would that ot upset their momentum? Rafa had just taken Novak to deuce on Novak's service game. I am not buying that. And what was the pill thing for???? Grrr. That annoys me because I fully believe Rafa could have won in 5 if it went there, and Novak destroyed his momentum and Rafa was never the same afterwards. Im a little disgusted at that.

  • Vashti S. posted 2317 days ago

    Vashti S.

    In Reply to Devil, Just thought You mightwant to read since Im not coming on here to comment on articles for a long time anymore!

    After listening to Rafa's post match interview, I've changed my mind. I don't deserve to act like that if Rafa's not, although he had the same sad-ish face that he had in the trophy ceremony at WInbledon. I might be acting immature right now, seriously, but I'll stop. I have accepted since before the FO that Novak is better, but I didn't think it would carry over to the GS so soon. My mistake. Novak deserves what he has done in tennis, but I still don't like his personality that much, and I think the MTO he took right before Rafa's serve disrupted Rafa's state of being. I feel that although both were tired, Rafa would have had more of the endurance. On the other hand though, what was Rafa doing? After returning Novak's 120 mph serves so well, he did not move into the baseline to return the 90 mph. Im glad he figured out his own mistakes, though. I'm not sure what happened to that serve. It was gone like poof. Rafa needs to take the vacation after Davis Cup and analyze a dvd or something of this match. Showed his true strengths and weaknesses vs Novak. Actually, even though he was joking about it, the serve and volley play would not be bad. But otherwise, I think he needs to get his serves close to the T, Go to Novak's backhand, then for the winner against his forehand, and come to the net!!!!! But i don't really want to talk about the technical aspects.

    Your right. Ultimately, every little superstition I'll try won't work :) It's not me who's affecting anything. I thought it would be enough accepting those losses on clay, apparently not. I thought 1 GS Final was enough, apparently not. Will it ever be enough? Probably not. THis is really inspirational, what you wrote. And I’m going to rework my brain :) I don't care about records, or stats, or who's the GOAT anymore (seriously I believe that's Roger). But the one other thing I've always cared about is Rafa's happiness, and that's what separates me from being a Roger fan and a Rafa fan. I shouldn't say it, but I have to. Rafa is more gracious in defeat and in winning. No one can beat him there. And that's why I started to like him. Actually, when I first started liking him, I was 11 years old. Hard to believe, but true. And not because of tennis back then, it was more like a little elementary crush :) But I've come to appreciate what he's done over the years, no matter what critics will say. For example, I thought his career would be over after 2009, until he came back in 2010 and won 3 GS, the only person to get that consecutively on hard, grass, and clay. Simply astonishing, like Djokovic this year. Obviously, people will say that Nadal Sucks! He can’t even beat Djokovic!, but I will never say that. There will be ups and downs, and I totally accept that. People still forget today that Rafa wasn’t even supposed to make the finals, the way he was playing during the summer HC season. He just happened to be beat by the better player this year. I think Rafa, as much as he’s trying to sound optimistic throughout all these losses, is clearly feeling the pain, but I’m happy that he said that this match was a little bit of a step for him, and he thought he played better, it was just the holding serve that wasn’t working for him. Hopefully Rafa will take this as a little wake up call and it will help him in the future. He’s not had the best season, compared to his 2010, 2008, and 2005 seasons, but he has not had a terribly horrible one either. Making it to the finals of 3 HC tournaments, all the clay ones, and Wimbledon isn’t easy. Upsets are possible, and I’m glad Rafa made it to all 3 Finals like he did last year, at least winning the French. This was Novak’s tourney to lose, not Rafa’s, but Rafa had a strong showing throughout until Djokovic. I’m going to stay optimistic. My friend, who’s really good at tennis and loves Rafa to death, literally hates Djokovic, and she was sad after the match because she thought that Rafa worked so much this year, and last year to get to the top, only to be replaced by Djokovic. I’ve already told her that it’s ok  Better luck next time, and I’m not going to let this get to me, no matter what. Rafa’s whole camp was smiling (I don’t think Uncle Toni really was though ) and even though Rafa was not smiling at all, he was looking sad, I think he took this as something to work on , and he has said that this is now his goal. To work hard, and be there for the next time. Such a humble champion he is! He’s happy to have made 3 GS Finals, most players don’t even make the semis, especially in this era. Fans and Critics alike expect the players to all be perfect, and that is not the case. Even Novak is not perfect. It looks like even though he was able to best Roger and Rafa, he’s becoming physically and mentally tired. But we’ll see 
    I am going to ride out this wave, and just continue cheering for Rafa, no matter what! And I think that after this, nothing will get me down. I didn’t expect Rafa to beat Novak in the 1st place here, and I don’t think I really have any expectations for him anymore. As a fan, I’ve seen all that I’ve possibly could of Rafa’s professional tennis career, during my preteen/teen years. He’s made me so happy to be his fan many many times throughout these past 6 years. Maybe that’s why Roger, Novak, and Andy admire him so much, while the same cannot be said for any of them in that case.
    To me, Rafa is trying to bounce back right now, and I think showing that he can get to the finals of a HC Major again, is great for him. People keep on criticizing him for not being consistent, but I think making the semis since 2008, and the finals since 2010 proves them wrong, making the finals 5 times at Wimbledon, winning the French 6 times, and already completing the Career Grand Slam is amazing. Of course, Djokovic will have that chance at the French coming up, but if Rafa could get 2 wins vs Novak in that time, next year could be different. Time will tell, but after this, I think and believe that there is no point in having full blown expectations for Rafa and especially Roger. They’ve already shown Dominance for 7 years as the Number 1 and Number 2 players, until Djokovic. They both have the Grand Slam and Double Digit Slams. Rafa has an Olympic Gold, and Roger has what is it 5 YECs? What more honestly do they have to PROVE to us? Rafa will still win a lot, given he’s only 25, but Roger will win too. It will become increasingly hard for Roger to win tournaments, but he’s not dead  And once Rafa figures out Djokovic, whenever that shall be, everything will be better for him. Djokovic is the only player he really has the trouble against. Rafa took time to usurp Roger at Wimbledon, and in the rankings. it may take a bit more time here, considering you have to change your game, but there’s no doubt Rafa will be coming back. In my mind, even if he couldn’t beat Djokovic, this USO will help him. Maybe not for the rest of the year yet, but definitely for next year. I believe besides Tokyo, he should focus on the YEC. I know he has been practicing on indoor hard courts (over the summer), based on the pictures he has on fb. He will not be year end number 1, but that’s ok. Everything will be fine. I’m not going to jump on the Djokovic bandwagon because he’s beating my favorite consistently, nor will I jump because I’m a Roger fan and since Novak is beating Rafa, that means that Rafa won’t get to that magic number 16. In fact, that logic they use doesn’t make sense, because what If Novak gets to 16?
    Why are people like that? Are they truly hard core fans of tennis, or do they just want to see players practically kill themselves over each other trying to be the best?
    This is why I love Rafa and his family so much; so much that Kaleigh ( the hardcore Rafa fan friend ) and I are willing to go to Mallorca someday just to meet them. His mom is so reserved, and she says she did not expect Rafa to be this good when he grew up. His father gets so excited when Rafa makes a good point. His sister is very quiet, but Xisca is always smiling when they show her face. And Uncle Toni and his vamos-es! I don’t believe Rafa should change his coach. Why now? After 8 years of working so hard to get to the top, winning almost everything, does that truly make sense? Rafa’s problem is all mental, and holding serve was extremely hard for him, but he could BREAK Novak if he wanted to, and that’s what he showed. Rafa has the total game to beat Novak, the backhand slice, the ace down the middle, going to his backhand, then firing at his forehand, and the expertise at the net. Like you said though, inevitably, it is the matter of execution. And the short balls are kind of killing me, the ones he’s playing against Novak, and the fact that he’s standing too far back behind the baseline, but look at how much of Novak’s serves he returned yesterday (not the 90 mph ones, the 120 mph ones)!! He needs his confidence back, but he has the game, and that’s good to know. I hate to say this, and be degrading to Novak indirectly, but Novak is beating Rafa now in these matches since clay, because Rafa is beating himself. Novak’s extreme playing is forcing that, but Rafa is just beating himself, during his serve. And that’s fully changeable. But Rafa is right. And he’s not just saying this based on his own experience. Once you start winning those matches against players you don’t lose to, it becomes increasingly hard to keep that up. And even though Rafa knows that Novak is the best now, Rafa knows what it’s like to win 3 slams in the season, so many titles, then eventually go back to number 2 because another player emerges, or because your body takes a physical toll so absurdly huge. Novak is not perfect. His serve could put pressure on his shoulders, his knees are taped up a lot, and the sliding he does is wayward. I don’t expect Novak to lose the number 1 ranking anytime soon, and he’s faced pressure moments that he’s gotten through this season, but it’s next season I’m scared about for him. Having to win everything until the French, then win everything until Cincy, then win everything from USO on will be physically scary. I’m not hoping for him to lose everything, but I’m hoping to see more of a fight by Rafa for some of those 6 Finals.
    Wow, I wrote a lot! This is what happens when I I have free time. I analyze so much information. But you’re right. I was kind of let down in the beginning of the match yesterday, but I’ve gotten over that. Novak’s the best, I accept that. Rafa’s doing super great, but not against the best player. But Rafa has that personality that makes me want to smile whenever he admits the truth. I don’t think saying the truth after the losses to Novak hurts him more, he’s just simply doing what’s right. And that’s why people should go become another Rafael Nadal, become number 1, only to have some other guy who was great before, but inconsistent, break out and take everything you worked hard for the year before. Then maybe instead of criticizing Rafa for not beating someone when he’s in his prime, they can understand the position he’s in. Taking one step at a time. Rafa’s proud of himself, therefore I will be proud of him. Novak never did nothing to me, personally, so I’m not going to ostracize him. However, I do think some of his celebrations and chest thumping are excessive sometimes, and he’s a little too cocky to me. Roger has a bit of an ego, but never has he really “celebrated” all that much. But I will continue to cheer for Rafa no matter what. He’s my absolute favorite and now that I have the abilities to speak better Spanish it’s so much easier to understand him. I’ll continue to come on B/R. But not those long comments on articles. I’ll just be around, but until the YEC, I’m gone. Rafa has not many points at Shanghai and none at Paris, so there’s no need for me to stalk him all over the place. He’s fine, and I’m sure that one day, whether at the YEC or the AO, one day, Rafa will figure out Novak. And what a glorious day that will be for his fans. I hope he stays happy and continues cooking!! And being afraid of the dark lol. How can you not love him? I hope when I go to Mallorca one day I can personally meet him. After I learn Catalan, of course. Make the convo easier ! In my mind, Rafa is not the best ever, nor is he the best now, but he is the best champion and professional tennis player I have ever seen.

  • Vashti S. posted 2337 days ago

    Vashti S.

    Did you know about Ivan Dodig? He's now a seeded player!!!! Thank God! I don't think Rafa would have liked to have him in the 1st rond, 5 setter or not. Btw, he's on letterman tonight if u wanna watch!

  • Thomas Skuzinski posted 2337 days ago

    Thomas Skuzinski

    I'll definitely be watching the live draw, and thanks for the heads up. Thanks, too, for getting me interested in writing for the site. You made me realize that I have a lot of opinions (backed up by facts, of course :-) and that I enjoy writing about it. I figured I should make the move out of the comment boards and into articles, and it's been fun. Btw: I'm a big table tennis and carrom and card game fan too.

  • Linus Fernandes posted 2338 days ago

    Linus Fernandes

    No problem. Also, check out my Twitter feed @mktimeforsports.

  • squirrel federer posted 2340 days ago

    squirrel federer

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  • Vashti S. posted 2342 days ago

    Vashti S.

    All i want is to curl up somewhere and read his book. Andy Murray or Fish have a great chance vs Novak here in CIncy, but only Andy has the game to beat Novak at the USO. Depending on the draw. Whatevs. I'm tired of seeing Rafa and Roger lose already. Especially Roger. And now Rafa. Great. Who's next? In all fairness though, I think his foot is still an issue,too. I mean here's one thing Rafa "haters" can't say- He won the match because he took an injury timeout, or called the trainer. Bogus stuff. Rafa lost fair and square, but the foot is still an issue. the end.