Wrath of Khan

Wrath of Khan


Born in St. Mary's hospital in Montreal, few blocks from the Mecca of all sports the Forum. Left Montreal when I was 8 to Toronto. Did 15 years of missionary work for the Church of Habs, trying to convert any misguided Laff Soul to the light of bleu, blanc et rouge to further my faith. Now in Calgary and still laughing at all the "flamers" the most loyal of all Hab fans and still very pissed that my Mecca has become a movie theatre (Whoreable).

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  • Miah D. posted 3112 days ago

    Miah D.

    Hey there! (I am not sure how I am supposed to call you, i think I should go "Wrath"?)

    how are u?
    first of all, I saw ur comments on the NHL review article. thanks for standing up to ur team, and to Carey Price.

    second, did u see the game against Phoenix? pretty tough eh,
    our community leader brought to us the discussion on the hit on Kostitsyn,


    cheers, miah ;)

  • Miah D. posted 3163 days ago

    Miah D.

    I know! it sounds awesome ...
    I just hope its not some unfounded rumour.
    did u see on the Lapresse article the line saying that the staff at the Bell Center is all getting ready and stuff. so cool!

    gotta get tickets next week! lol

  • Miah D. posted 3167 days ago

    Miah D.


    thanks for the add, really nice!
    so how is the off-season going?! pretty long hun! but it's worth the wait I guess!

    I did not have the opportunity to welcome u on BR yet, so welcome and I hope u'll have as a great experience as we do!
    if u need anything, tell me or Matt. we'll be happy to help!

    take care,
    Go Habs Go!
    Miah ;)