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  • Autumn Wind posted 2587 days ago

    Autumn Wind

    LOSER!! denver donkeys blow!!

  • Mike Wasowski posted 2641 days ago

    Mike Wasowski

    long time no talk. you should check out my latest article. i am interested on your take. thanks

  • Dustin Maul posted 2658 days ago

    Dustin  Maul

    Hey Bro! How's life been treating you? I have not been able to get on in quite some time--it's nice to finally be home!!

  • Andy Bailey posted 2668 days ago

    Andy Bailey


  • Autumn Wind posted 2696 days ago

    Autumn Wind

    SO... your fav coach bobby cox is a wife beater.. classy.

  • Darrius Carter posted 2707 days ago

    Darrius  Carter

    Yo what up my dude? I heard that your friends with Coach M. (Dustin Maul.)

    He's my football coach. You got some nice articles bra....I'm now a "fan"

    I love da way you make the raiders fans look like fools! Keep up da good work!

  • Dustin Maul posted 2709 days ago

    Dustin  Maul

    Dude, You have not commented on my latest article...you hurt my feelings! lol jk.

    Just thought I would stop by and say, keep up the good work on your articles. Tell Martavius I said hi.

  • Austin Swaim posted 2712 days ago

    Austin  Swaim

    You probably live somewhere out here in stupid Republican country i.e. Colorado, Utah, Montana....and no surprise you don't respect NASCAR considering the team you root for in the NFL. You know I missed the ending of the damn PGA for fucking Broncos country? And all that was on was Broncos? Maybe you and all of Colorado will get a reality check when you play like the last 10 games of 2009, 2-8.

  • Autumn Wind posted 2712 days ago

    Autumn Wind

    going for asswipe of the month??

  • Daniel Krem posted 2713 days ago

    Daniel Krem

    sure thing man i'll def check out your articles.

    haha and yea the likes were sarcastic but not towards you towards those other guys that were all whiney and hypocritical.