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My name is Mike Hyzy, and I am a freelance artist. My current work is directing and producing, but I also have experience in writing, photography, and general construction. My work ranges from feature length documentaries and short films to web series and TV pilots. In my full time job, I serve as a Project Director/Business Specialist at a non-profit, developing businesses that serve a social purpose, such as the social enterprise, Crisp! I first picked up a camera a few years ago while documenting social programs around Chicago, and realized my passion for filmmaking. My media experience has increased exponentially from there. I have a B.A. in Economics and stay updated on current trends and articles in the field. Currently I am working separately with Fig Media and State + Madison Productions on some kick-ass projects that will be released later this year. I love Chicago, and my dream is to produce great feature-length films here while at the same time creating successful socially conscious small businesses.

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