Tony Villagomez

Tony Villagomez


My name is Tony Villagomez. I'm a huge sports fan. My favorite sports are basketball and football.

My Favorite Teams are The L.A Lakers, S.A Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, and Texas Longhorns.

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  • Sean Kidder posted 2528 days ago

    Sean  Kidder

    Hahaha, dude ease up on your man love of Kobe, and how can you say that someone who did nothing but win at every level is over rated? Last time I checked Russell had 11 rings and 5 MVP's, how many does Kobe have?

  • Mr. Pubert McPherson posted 2532 days ago

    Mr. Pubert McPherson

    Garbage > Kobe

  • Owen Marks posted 2709 days ago

    Owen Marks

    Ok to be redundant..That's your response?..Listen many people like to feel they were around when the greatest of anything was active. It gives them a sense of greatness by extension. Michael Jordan had a will of iron. But he wasn't the greatest anything. He was a scorer that happened to blessed with great parts, to his team, that allowed him to roam and do...well..anything he wanted. I've often said without Scottie Pippen Michael would have been Jerry West..A great scorer that would never be appreciated for all the little things he was able to do well.
    I appreciated Jordan as a player but yes without a doubt Bill was better.