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  • Charles Oliver posted 1222 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    no problem!

  • M.O.E BlueBoySalem posted 1222 days ago

    M.O.E BlueBoySalem


  • Dave Chelsea posted 1247 days ago

    Dave Chelsea

    Hi Mate how are you?

  • Karl Matchett posted 1249 days ago

    Karl Matchett

    I commentated the 6-0 win over Arsenal. It was as dull a 6-0 game as you could ever get - Chelsea were miles better yet didn't really *do* anything - Arsenal were woeful. Just goals alone doesn't make the game great, the sense of occasion and tempo and tactical battle and many other things do.

    I'll fully give you the win over City - that was an excellent game. Should have been in there. If you don't agree with the list, that's perfectly fine - it's never going to please everyone. That's what the comments section is for after all. But there's no deliberate ignoring against one team or another going on.

  • Karl Matchett posted 1252 days ago

    Karl Matchett

    Probably because most of their games are absolutely dreadful to watch. Stop imagining slights against your own team. It's not "the only 20 good games of the season" - just 20 great ones.

  • Krrish posted 1254 days ago


    Where are you from?