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Adam Wells is one of B/R's Breaking News Team writers. He graduated from Indiana University Purdue University-Fort Wayne in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in Media & Public Communication. After growing up as a baseball fan, he has spent the last two years studying prospects and evaluating talent throughout the minor leagues.

Despite living in the heart of Cubs and Cardinals country in Indiana, Adam is an Indians fan thanks to his time spent watching "Major League" as a child. You can follow Adam on Twitter @adamwells1985.

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  • Jordan Truett posted 41 days ago

    Jordan Truett

    You should update your article on South Carolina recruit Shameik Blackshear to include his racist twitter rant (which he has since deleted):

  • Peter Fusek posted 54 days ago

    Peter Fusek

    Women are not equal in sports. Even in basketball, a non contact sport, the obvious best player (Brittney Griner) is a bottom feeder in the nba. Then you have gilrs who play house league 10u football and think they are hot shit. Even if a girl like i.e. Sam Gordon ever bulked up, she would be no more than 160 and that would be freakish. One hit from a 240 linebacker and she'd be down forever. Manziel at 210 got squashed by kuechley and he is be 50 pounds heavier than a hypothetical woman. Women are meant to take care of the house and the kids, and there is nothing wrong with that. It's very important to sculpt the next movers and shakers. Behind every great man is a woman, and there always will be.

  • Colin Carney posted 62 days ago

    Colin Carney

    As a follow up to your recent report about Lynch, you may want to check out the limited edition Seahawks 2014 NFC Champions Framed 20'' x 24'' Collage on sale at

    The collage features a shot of Lynch checking himself for proper inflation. An action that already cost him a fine, and announced that it will cost him and his team 15 yards if he does it again on Sunday, will only cost you $149.95 plus shipping and handling. All courtesy of the NFL.

  • james blueone posted 63 days ago

    james blueone


  • Brandon Hofer posted 70 days ago

    Brandon Hofer

    I just read your article on Tough Enough coming back and overall enjoyed it. There is a glaring error that must be fixed though. In your article you stated,

    "Despite McCumber talking about the audience for the show, Tough Enough has never produced a top-notch WWE star. There have been a few key players over the years like John Morrison, but no one who has been elevated to a main event level. "

    That is incorrect. The Miz was on season four of Tough Enough. Not only has he been on a main event level in the past but he was WWE Champion. He was also in the WrestleMania 27 main event and defeated John Cena, the biggest WWE star in the last 10 years or so. That is something that most stars can't stay.

  • JD Roth posted 87 days ago

    JD Roth

    Yeah TCU didn't see anything like Ole Miss in the Big XII. Now watch Baylor destroy Michigan State and K-state destroy UCLA....

  • James Lupi posted 112 days ago

    James Lupi

    Adam If you are going to use Rick Glasers #s for pacs fight (no name and in china) then shouldent you use Rick's #s on the MW-maidaina fight (known fighter in US) which is 772K? Pac bradley did 775K.

  • Super Grande posted 161 days ago

    Super Grande

    This feels like a "troll" like article from an Indiana writer. It doesn't matter how many anti-FSU pieces are written by ND fans, the 'Noles are gonna win this game. Who cares about the QB's stock?

    ND = over-hyped team.

  • Bruno Palumbo posted 220 days ago

    Bruno Palumbo

    Federer was going for his 8th W title and made it to the semis in Australia. Your Federer Momentum article has a few mistakes!

  • James . posted 230 days ago

    James .


    During this cycle...

    At this very moment...

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