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  • jordan hammond posted 2390 days ago

    jordan hammond

    im still waiting for you to tell me jay...
    or are you too much of a coward...??

  • jordan hammond posted 2390 days ago

    jordan hammond

    pete thought he would end his career with 18 slams...whats wrong with that?
    its like setting yourself some goals before you end your career,what else does roger have to motivate him after winning so much
    roger can say something like that because its realistic,but for rafa it isnt thats why he hasnt said something like that.he knows he will always struggle with injury which will prevent him from dominating the game the way roger has
    why do you hate roger so much? as a fed fan even i will support rafa when fed isnt in the draw
    i hope he wins today and gets his career grand slam.he is a great player and a brilliant ambassador for the sport

  • jordan hammond posted 2391 days ago

    jordan hammond

    keep laughing...the same thing will happen to rafa too..age catches up with everyone
    and guess what ..
    karma catches up to with everyone too...and i am more then sure yours will catch up with you
    the old man did pretty well actually,considering he had 2 match points and made the semi finals

  • jordan hammond posted 2402 days ago

    jordan hammond

    eat this jay....

  • jordan hammond posted 2411 days ago

    jordan hammond

    no comment jay?