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I'm a 20-year-old basketball writer from England and a Featured Columnist here at B/R for the New York Knicks.

My work has also been featured on talkSPORT, Knicks Now and The Knicks Wall, and I've appeared on Atlanta's 92.9 The Game to discuss the NBA's growing presence in Europe.

Outside of sportswriting, I'm a Politics and Media student at Newcastle University.

I love to write and talk about basketball, so don't hesitate to keep the conversation going in the comments section or send me a message.

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  • Gman posted 633 days ago


    Dude you're awesome, come back.

  • Pavlos Georgiou posted 1198 days ago

    Pavlos Georgiou

    hey Ciaran i like this article as we rarely see articles that actually include videos in.

    what do you think of this mix i made displaying what tthe Knicks have gone throughout the years from 1969 right up until today in the wake of another new era!!

    worthy of an article?? Knicks Evolution

  • Hardeep Singh posted 1355 days ago

    Hardeep  Singh

    Hey, Ciaran just wondering can't the knicks structure Carmelos contract in a way like this

    Next season- 25 Million
    2015- 13 million
    2016- 15 million
    2017- 20 million
    2018- 17 million

    In a way that when a lot of marquee free agents are going we have more to spend ? like the money amount is probbaly wrong lol but i hope you understand what i was trying to say. Since next year is basically a wasted year why not pay him 25 million then the offseason we have more money to spend and just pay 13 million

  • Adam Morrison posted 1431 days ago

    Adam Morrison

    knicks need me #theysuck

  • Owen Arans posted 1462 days ago

    Owen Arans

    Should the Knicks trade for Ricky Rubio? He has a low salary and the Timberwolves are doing way worse then they wanted.
    How about this

    Knicks get:
    Ricky Rubio
    2014 2nd round pick

    Timberwolves get:
    Beno Udrih
    Raymond Felton

  • Owen Arans posted 1462 days ago

    Owen Arans

    Should The Knicks trade for Ricky Rubio?

  • Owen Arans posted 1463 days ago

    Owen Arans

    Should the Knicks try and trade for anyone over the next few weeks? I have heard about Andre Miller in some trade rumours?

  • Hardeep Singh posted 1481 days ago

    Hardeep Singh

    Hey Ciaran what do you think about this if it actually could happen lol

    Sacramento- Tyson Chandler, Goran Dargic
    Suns- Carmelo, Outlaw, Freddate
    Knicks- Okafor, Marcus T, Jason Thompson, Archie Goodwin and all of the suns 4 1st rounders and the Kings 1st rounder.

    I mean i know its terrible but Kings get a front court partner for cousins and a great PG.
    Suns get there superstar
    Knicks get expiring contracts. The can use Marcus and Jason Thompson as just trading pieces. Keep Archie who is pretty good defensively and then fire Mills get Donnie Walsh or Glen back.

    I'm sure one of the pick will be top 10.

    We trade the rest for a top 5 or top 10.

    Draft- Joel Embiid or Parker.

    Have one last down year.

    Then 2015

    Splurge all out.

    PG- Rondo or Tony Parker hopefully
    SG- Iman
    SF- Tim
    PF- Love
    C- Joel Embidd.


    PG- Rondo or Tony
    SG- Tim/Iman
    SF- Parker
    PF- Love
    C- Brook Lopez or Marc Gasol

    I know i'm just being delusional but i honestly think this would be amazing if it happened lol

  • Andrew Crowe posted 1501 days ago

    Andrew  Crowe

    Read your article re firing Woody. Knicks are expecting Jeremy Tyler to join them in mid to late December and then TC in early Jan. This will change everything and with the EC sucking so bad, the NYK should be able to move into 3rd place and be healthy going into playoffs (barring new injuries). This is if they don't make a trade. They proved they have the CHeat's # last year, and this year, being healthy and having healthy bigs, they could fare better against the Pacers in a 7 game series. I know it looks about as bad as it can get right now but the Knicks have a shot and I think they will give Woody some time to see what he can do with TC, JT, and any trade they may make.

  • Jay A. Train posted 1513 days ago

    Jay A. Train

    Hey Ciaran what do you think of the legistics and reality of a trade between Knicks and Suns and

    Knicks send Suns: Jr, Felton, Amare Metta or Hardaway

    Suns send Knicks: Miles 28th pick Goran

    Knicks send Grizzlies: Beno and Metta or Hardaway

    Grizzlies send Knicks: Jamaal Franklin and cash