Ed Chavez

Ed Chavez


Laker fan for 30+ years.
Laker Hater Slayer + Laker Hater Denier Slayer
9 x Big Mouth $hit Talking Champion (LOL)

All Laker Highlights, EVERY Game:

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  • Mista Amazing posted 1672 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    So, how the Heat?? Own the fakers kid.

  • Anna K. posted 2375 days ago

    Anna K.

    Hey Ed! Where've you been? Haven't heard anything from you recently.

  • Dave Morrison posted 2475 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    Hello ed!
    from so~ cal were doin the PTI role play!
    we need a lamar, gasol, fish or any of the lakers from back in the day! if your interested bust outta profile and hook up with me and jerry west. there's a grip a haters out there and were here to tell em what time it really is!

  • GoToSleep RightNow posted 2651 days ago

    GoToSleep RightNow

    Boss, looks like we got a bitch alert. Since Armen Dacity has gone into hibernation Bhemis Parks is picking up the slacks. This guy dares to trash talk Jordan and Magic if it means defending Miami Heat and discrediting Kobe and the Lakers. Why don't you pay his profound articles a little visit?

  • Chris Jett posted 2668 days ago

    Chris Jett

    Where you from Ed? Must be a fellow calli man like myself. A thanks alot for the comments and for having my back. These Miami Bitches are gonna eat their words when the Heat don't amount to shit. stay up man. oh yeah check out my new article, and if you like it can you become a fan, so i can climb up the ranks and tell these people where its at on a regular baisis. L. A.

  • shakir acrey posted 2669 days ago

    shakir acrey

    thanks. i like the milwaukee bucks.

  • uknoit bra posted 2670 days ago

    uknoit bra

    ed chaves hahahahahah go back to spain get out of america we dont like ur kind fagboy

  • uknoit bra posted 2670 days ago

    uknoit bra

    oh yeah, and lakers didn't really win the finals, kendrick perkins would have burried th lakers if he was in, nice fake win though.

  • uknoit bra posted 2670 days ago

    uknoit bra

    kobe is done