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  • a sej posted 817 days ago

    a sej

    I disagree with every single one of your athletes picks except for Tiger...you don't know what youre talking about...

  • Matt Leedy posted 1528 days ago

    Matt Leedy

    Hey Dave, I'm still trying to figure out what Coach Cal has done wrong. ?!?

  • J. Grif posted 1538 days ago

    J. Grif

    Tim Sypher was not paid to marry Karen Sypher. You also neglected to mention that she was convicted in federal court for trying to blackmail Pitino. Perhaps you'll be sued for libel.

  • J. Grif posted 1545 days ago

    J. Grif

    Do your homework. Freedom Hall was not torn down and the beautiful KFC Center is not an atrocity. Ever been there? (That's what I thought.)

  • old values posted 1546 days ago

    old values

    David, it's Dean E. Smith, not Dean A. Smith....the guy is supposed to be a legend.

  • Terrence Barthel posted 1552 days ago

    Terrence Barthel


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  • BHL posted 1602 days ago


    people should be highly skeptical of LT

  • Jeffrey Fann posted 1632 days ago

    Jeffrey Fann

    Nice work on the BC offense article David!