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  • Finebaums Hairline posted 65 days ago

    Finebaums Hairline

    I never knew Lizards could be so noisy! LOL

  • J Berry posted 173 days ago

    J Berry

    Gator basketball #1 in the country... 29 wins straight... lets see your Bulldogs pull that off kiddo. Can't take the heat get out the kitchen.

  • Gators 4 Life posted 225 days ago

    Gators 4 Life

    Whateva dude.

  • daniel magnuson posted 238 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    haha still talking trash although u lost

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 239 days ago



  • daniel magnuson posted 243 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    ill stop trolling when u stop trolling

  • Barrett Sallee posted 244 days ago

    Barrett Sallee

    I think they'll be good, but the East as a whole will be down a bit.

  • daniel magnuson posted 246 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    such a douche

  • Marc M posted 246 days ago

    Marc M

    Well Einstein first of all your "message" was sent to the wrong person. Secondly, TI/Matt is a class act. Some of us understand sportsmanship and enjoy talking college football like gentlemen. You obviously haven't matured enough to grasp that concept yet.

  • Troy Seay posted 247 days ago

    Troy Seay

    Lmao! Now I know why your trolling the Bama boards. A Georgia fan! Still mad about the SECCG last year? Its funny you want to sit there and act like Bama's run is over, when Georgia can't even get to a real bowl game. Have fun being mediocre next season.