Patrick Gipson

Patrick Gipson


Hola sports fans!

I'm a multimedia journalist and avid sports fan. I obtained my degree in Journalism & Electronic Media with a History minor from the University of Tennessee, where in four years I gained experience writing for print and online outlets! My focus is on sports, music and news. Obviously, I am a Volunteers fan, bleed orange and think that Eric Berry and Peyton Manning are the closest relatives to Jesus we have.

While working for, I covered UT athletics, including football, men's basketball, women's basketball, tennis, baseball, track & field and volleyball. My responsibilities included attending press conferences, media opportunities, practices, games and even a full week of bowl coverage in Atlanta. (2009 Chick-fil-A Bowl) I have to say, none of that quite compared to the events that unfolded on the UT campus after Lane Kiffin resigned as our head coach. Students rushed the conference building, burned signs and trashed parts of our beautiful campus. (Not necessarily an overreaction in Knoxville.)

I have interviewed many prominent subjects and no, not just sports stars and coaches. I've done interviews with Bill Maher of HBO, comedian Patton Oswalt and a plethora of musicians/bands, including Minus the Bear, Cap'n Jazz, Andrew WK, Pretty Lights, Flogging Molly, Dead Confederate, RJD2, Dirt Nasty and many more. I love strumming my gorgeous 1967 Gibson acoustic guitar, slaying Nazi zombies on my Playstation, listening to music and writing/reading.

Hopefully you'll get a chance to read a story or two of mine and I equally hope that I will have the honor of one day writing them for you! I am in the process of moving to New York City, where I intend on pursuing music and sports journalism through whatever outlets I can find! If you're ever in the area, or would love to offer me, jeez I don't know.... a JOB, then shoot me an e-mail, at


Patrick Gipson


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