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  • clark griswold posted 531 days ago

    clark  griswold

    I miss this racist son of a gun and his poorly written articles...R.I.P. Dex

  • A R posted 542 days ago

    A R

    Great stuff Dexter. Please keep writing and giving the intelligent among us something to actually read that promotes thought. From these post, it's clear white folks just can't take the truth. Whites folks will fight tooth and nail against any "truth" that isn't the manufactured BS funneled through the white male dominated media. The amount of hate filed rants aimed your way should be taken as a badge of honor.

  • Jordan posted 663 days ago


    Just curious, when is your follow up article you promised on the Andrew Luck/RG3 debate?

  • Chris Harper posted 825 days ago

    Chris Harper

    Love your articles bro!

  • Kaiser Sosa posted 933 days ago

    Kaiser Sosa

    I ask, but already know for a fact that you do you love Sports, but not as much as you love stealing from a Single Mother's, usually with three kids, for on average $10,000 in a real estate Scams...

    You're "Tee-bow-licious" yes?!

    How do you live with yourself? You are a rotten person/preditor/wannablogger and escape the law at every turn.

    You may fool some people, but it will catch up to you, and justice will be served.

    Bleacher Report, you have a PROVEN Syndicated Fraud working for you....FYI

  • clark griswold posted 965 days ago

    clark  griswold

    Where are your "if Tebow were black" articles now????...

  • Tony Santorsa posted 983 days ago

    Tony Santorsa

    Why are you the way you are?

  • SEC SuperFan posted 1032 days ago

    SEC SuperFan

    Racist, go home.

  • RGB J posted 1130 days ago

    RGB J

    Dear Dexter,

    We'd appreciate if you stopped posting articles about hating white people. We get it. You're racist. Go away already.

    Sincerely, everyone

  • Nick Mcgirk posted 1220 days ago

    Nick  Mcgirk

    $cam newton was the number one pick despite character issues. ryan mallet has yet to be drafted. is race a factor?