Desiree Diaz


Now promoted from editorial intern to Freelance Editor, I'm going to keep this bio short and sweet: I'm Desiree, recent CUNY Hunter College graduate with a BA in English Literature.

My great sporting love is baseball (it's a family thing), though I dabble into the NFL and pro wrestling from time to time.

My goal is to become an editor, so I'll be using my time here at the Bleacher Report to gain and sharpen my skills.

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  • Steve Thompson posted 2368 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Thanks for reading and editing my article, Desiree.

  • Cesar Diaz posted 2374 days ago

    Cesar Diaz

    Thanks for the edit Desiree

  • Giulio Romano posted 2374 days ago

    Giulio Romano

    Thanks a lot. I'm glad I didn't give you a headaches. lol!

  • Tasha Langley posted 2375 days ago

    Tasha Langley

    Thank you for the edits :)

  • Alex Snyder posted 2378 days ago

    Alex Snyder

    Thanks for the compliment and the edit!

  • Mr. Ashley Morris posted 2380 days ago

    Mr. Ashley Morris

    Thanks for the edits and comments, Desiree!

  • Jeffrey McKinney posted 2380 days ago

    Jeffrey McKinney

    Thanks for the Edits!

  • Brandon McClintock posted 2381 days ago

    Brandon McClintock

    Hey Desiree, thanks for the edits on my last 2 articles! :)

  • Matt Goldberg posted 2382 days ago

    Matt Goldberg

    Oops, Mea Culpa...per my below message, I looked at the article too fast. I did not see that you set off each "passing shot" with numbers, the numbers being in bold.

    My mistake; I'm sorry.

  • Matt Goldberg posted 2382 days ago

    Matt Goldberg

    Thanks for the edit on my "Rafa" article, but the only change I can see is that you ran together my five points ("Passing Shots") on my "Gold Notes".

    They need to be set off from one another in some way...that's the whole point of that feature, which I've done before here --mostly on my baseball pieces. I'll go in and at ;least use bold print for those transitions.