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Eric Bowman is the Associate College Football Editor for Bleacher Report. Feel free to ask him anything through a BR message, follow him on Twitter @E_ROCK12 or e-mail him at

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  • John Gallo posted 2067 days ago

    John Gallo

    Hey Eric, I wanted to apologize for my remarks on your bulletin board a couple days ago.

  • Clay Marcous posted 2085 days ago

    Clay Marcous

    Roll Tide bowman, Roll Tide.

  • Why We Watch posted 2116 days ago

    Why We Watch

    Thanks Eric!

  • Kevin Callison posted 2151 days ago

    Kevin Callison

    Got to be honest with you. I was watching ESPN and noticed a theme to your article that seemed to assimilate itself with the speak on ESPN's recruiting show. I believe that several recruits do not commit Irish do to articles and statements that paint a negative picture on The Irish...just what I see...

  • Skip Hurley posted 2151 days ago

    Skip Hurley

    You are nuts! You are obviously biased towards someone not named Texas. Mack Brown Tandemed QB's when Vince Young was a freshman as well. I am telling you that Texas is gonna win this battle for guys keep pushing us off the radar....i like it. You guys also reported that we were dropped to weeks ago in a ploy to undermine the recruiters and that didn't work as well......Let me know what you think when he signs with Texas on signing day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Persons posted 2182 days ago

    David Persons

    Eric, I am just curious and am honestly asking - what is your background in football and what are your punditry qualifications? I noticed you do a few of these and I was just wondering what you were basing your analyses on. Did you play in high school or college? Write for a while somewhere? Coach? Just curious.

  • Aaron Reed posted 2229 days ago

    Aaron Reed

    I agree with the article on Mike McQueary. He has to go!!! A 28 year old man allows a child to be raped? What his father, John? Why didn't McQueary's father do something? Mike and John McQueary sat idly by while Sandusky continued his crimes for years and paraded the children through the halls of Penn St

  • RU KiddingMe posted 2232 days ago

    RU KiddingMe

    Eric, you blog about "Big East Expansion: Why Conference Will Still Suffer Compared to Rest of BCS" but give no supporting evidence. When actually, evidence shows the Big East will actually leap in front of the ACC in strength and be close to the Pac12 and Big10 in conference ranking. Using current Sagarin data and moving teams to their respective conferences, here is how everything plans out:

    Conference (Central Mean) (Simple Mean) (Rank)

    Current Big East (71.79) (72.14) (6th)
    New Big East (74.28) (73.15) (5th)

    Current ACC (73.07) (72.55) (5th)
    New ACC (72.07) (72.29) (6th)

    Pac12 (75.26) (75.41) (4th)
    Big10 (75.27) (74.18) (3rd)

    Big 12 takes a huge hit from the shakeup as well.

    And besides the data, new and exciting rivalries will be formed. USF-UCF is already heated and has garnered national attention. UL-UCF already has heated exchanges going. Boise St vs the world has all kinds of attention. I think the Big East is taking all the correct steps to rise to prominance by bringing in better schools than it lost and by giving these new up and coming schools a chance.

  • G D posted 2306 days ago

    G D

    Eric- thanks man! I just wrote one about 5 Things That Will Happen in Rio at UFC 134.. Love to hear what you think man.

  • G D posted 2308 days ago

    G D

    Hey man I wrote an article about the Top 10 Pro Athletes Who Would Make Good UFC Fighters. Would love to hear what you think man.