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Professional civil rights attorney, amateur analysis geek.

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  • Chris Cobb posted 3326 days ago

    Chris Cobb

    Hey there, I'm pondering an article about the draft needs (first round) of all the teams in the nfl, and how they match up with the prospects, I was wondering if you could give me some insight on your team, the Rams?

  • Chris Radez posted 3332 days ago

    Chris Radez

    It's time to look at some playoff scenarios:

  • Ryan Burns posted 3340 days ago

    Ryan Burns

    hey andrew

    thanks a lot for the pick and for reading!


  • daniel cox posted 3340 days ago

    daniel cox


    week seven letters:

    check it out if you have a chance.


  • Andrew Tirrell posted 3343 days ago

    Andrew Tirrell


    I agree that making this public was unnecessary. I was surprised you decided to post publicly on my bulletin board about this. You chose this public venue.

    Be fair about what I deleted. It was a single sentence, not a paragraph, and it was an apology "for having offended any retarded people", which begs the question, if you realized you might be offending anyone, why use the word at all? It makes more sense to change the word than to write an apology for it.

    I removed that sentence not to censor it, but because it no longer made any sense at all, once the title was changed to no longer use the word "retard". People would not have had any idea what your apology was about.

    Again, I'm sorry if you feel censored- that was not my intent.

    Also, I never said you were disrespectful to me. I was saying let's just agree to disagree, respectfully, and move on.


  • Andrew Tirrell posted 3343 days ago

    Andrew Tirrell


    I am sorry if my actions offended you, but as I explained in a comment to that article, I don't believe that the use of the term "retard" to refer to a person you disgree with is appropriate. Your choice of words affects how others view our entire community. I usually do not make large changes when I edit, and I don't believe that changing one word is such a large change. I stand by my edits, but you, of course, are free to change the article back.

    I have enjoyed reading many of your articles, and I hope that we can agree to disagree respectfully about this.