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I was born in New Jersey, lived in Massachusetts, and now I'm in California. I graduated from Cal in the summer of 2010, joined B/R a few months later, and was put on the baseball beat in May of 2012. Still doing it, still loving it.

Follow me on Twitter for more baseball fun, but be warned: I sometimes go on and on about Doctor Who, and I've also been known to tweet random Frank Zappa lyrics.

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  • Chase Jarrell posted 2 days ago

    Chase Jarrell

    I SMELL A HOMER!!!!!!!!!

  • Chase Jarrell posted 19 days ago

    Chase Jarrell

    You are the biggest homer I've ever seen. All you ever talk about is the nationals. Talk nice about other teams if you want to hide your bias.

  • Jim Pedigo posted 82 days ago

    Jim Pedigo

    B/R MLB 500: Top 500 Players for 2015. You put a guy in there(maybe more, I stopped reading when I got to Josh Bell) that has never played an inning of major league ball. Stupid. How do you even know where to rank him? It makes your article completely irrelevant. In your to 10 dog breeds - at No. 9 - a cat. Your top 25 QB's - at No. 16 - David Hasselhoff? You're a fool. I with there was a way to filter out your posts. Lastly, why no little leaguers? Do not reply with a cute retort regarding Mr. Hasselhoff like I know you want to.

  • ryan davis posted 255 days ago

    ryan davis
    if anyone is there that wants to help someone pay for college please visit this link. i am seeking donations to help me pay for things i will need in college. Thank you so much. God bless

  • Georgia Sports Fan posted 257 days ago

    Georgia Sports Fan


  • Red Rymer posted 392 days ago

    Red Rymer

    Great analysis about the Kinsler-Fielder trade. Profar is the X-factor. If he can put up good numbers in 2014, it's a steal for the Rangers. Well done, nephew.

  • Capt Caveman posted 399 days ago

    Capt Caveman

    Hey Zachary,

    I just wanted to comment on your article about plate collisions and the new rules. I'm a baseball player since the age of 6 and I've spent the last 20 years playing in amateur and semi-pro leagues as a catcher. I've played with many ex-college and professional players in my time. We have had these "non-collision" rules in place for years to protect us since we all have regular jobs and careers. As far as the pro rules this year I think you are spot-on with your assessment. The unnecessary "macho man" hits should be eliminated especially considering the financial investment most clubs have in their starting catchers and position players. I do believe that we will have the more scrutinized "controversial" out/safe calls that will be magnified (especially the very first time this rule is enforced). In the long run I think this is the greatest thing baseball has done for catchers since the creation of head protection. There is really no other way to take out the serious injury factor without making it a rule book change. In the true spirit of the game of baseball - competition of skill level is the key. There has only been one area where serious physical contact has been allowed and the multitude of career ending or altering injuries that have resulted form home plate collisions in the major and the minor leagues can surely be done without while at the same time preserving the fabric of baseball as a whole.

    This is my first post on Bleacher Report and I hope to engage in more in the future. Thanks for writing your article, it was the first time I read something that made me want to comment.

  • Matt Bruback posted 408 days ago

    Matt Bruback

    Be happy to send you a free copy of Playing Catch with Destiny.

  • Matt Bruback posted 408 days ago

    Matt Bruback

    With the Minor Leaguers suing baseball you might be interested in reading a new book about putting my career on hold to help special needs children and MLB suppressing the story.

  • Long gone posted 431 days ago

    Long gone

    hi, you make good articles.

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