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I have enjoyed and had the pleasure of pursuing sports since I could walk. Sports can bring out the best and worst in us. In college I became extremely competitive in sport and at times showed my worst. As I matured the game became more exciting and fun and I began to show my best. It's a funny thing about sport of how it can manipulate your emotions so quickly and through time it can mold you into person that is dedicated, push you to excellence, and provide discipline and character development.

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  • kris wheeler posted 2229 days ago

    kris wheeler

    It has been a long time since I have been on here.
    TJ, if you are still out there here is your answer.

    Matt Cassel is a quality quarterback and better than many quarterbacks the Chiefs have had in the last 20 years. The one aspect that sets Cassel apart from others at his position is his willingness to compete. Cassel does not have pin-point accuracy or a laser arm, they are all adequate. However, he does have the competitive edge that players are willing to follow and fight and claw for to the very end.
    When looking at rosters across the league, it's hard to say if he would be able to start on many elite teams or average teams. Pittsburgh, New England, Detroit, Green Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta, Chicago, Tampa Bay, New York Giants, Buffalo, Cincinnati, and Houston. He would be a very good back up on most of these teams. When looking at this it leaves one to consider Matt Cassel as an average to good quarterback on an average football team.
    Matt Cassel may be a quarterback that can lead the Chiefs to the playoffs 3 out of 5 years, but may not be able to help them win a Super Bowl. The Chiefs do not have a great offense. They do not have a great defense or special teams. Are they willing to ride the shoulders of Matt Cassel? They might have to until the playoffs.

    Matt Cassel is very good for the short-term in keeping the Chiefs afloat. Long-term, they will have to draft a 1st round quarterback and expect that to pay off.

  • TJ Gerrity posted 3098 days ago

    TJ Gerrity

    Kris, what do you think we can expect out of Matt Cassel? Will he pay off in the end? I'd love any feedback you may have.


  • Molly Gray posted 3439 days ago

    Molly Gray

    No problem! And welcome to Bleacher Report! If you have any questions, or want me to edit and of your future articles just let me know and I'd be glad to help.