Don Andrascik

Don Andrascik


I'm a hockey fanatic from Pittsburgh, PA. I've been a fan for over 20 years and I honestly just can't get enough. I think that talking hockey is just as essential as breathing. I've lived in Pittsburgh my whole life and have been fortunate enough to witness some of the most memorable events in Pittsburgh Sports history.

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  • Mike Vee posted 2527 days ago

    Mike Vee

    Hey Don- Haven't seen ya post in a while. Hope all is well with your ordeal and things are back to normal for you. Looking forward to my Pitt trip next month for the Classic!

  • Alison Myers posted 2571 days ago

    Alison  Myers

    Hey yeah...I'm not trying to say everyone thinks Tangradi has an ego. In fact, one person tried to
    excuse him by saying he is a typical young kid who just likes attention. And one of my friends finds him "charming". So like I said, it's all subjective, but when I was reading his twitter once, he addressed Comrie's signing by saying "I am more motivated to make the NHL...thanks haters" (that was a paraphrase and he deleted it once people started spreading word about what he said). But it rubbed me the wrong way, and he could learn a thing or two about being humble for sure.

  • Alison Myers posted 2572 days ago

    Alison  Myers

    OK...sorry it took me a little while to answer you, but here is my take on Tangradi:

    He is a nice size. I do think 39 points is decent, but it is far from remarkable. It's not like he was our leading scorer or anything. He has tried to fight a couple times, but he got injured in one of those. He is a good contributor, but I just don't think he is that special. I find him to be fairly forgettable.

    On a personal note (as in one that probably won't affect his chances at making the lineup), I cannot stand his attitude. I met him a couple times at meet and greets, and you can tell he has kind of brought into his own hype. He always seemed to be acting very smug and cocky, and he is even worse on Twitter. He comes off to me as thinking he is God's gift to the team. However, that is subjective.

    Long story short: decent player, but I am not buying all the hype. I think Mark Letestu has contributed more and is more NHL-ready than Tangradi.

  • Alison Myers posted 2573 days ago

    Alison  Myers

    BTW, I forgot to mention on your article that I can't stand Tangradi's attitude/personality, but I didn't think it was appropriate to leave it in the comments section, so I'm open to discussion between us if you want.

  • Feiko Miedema posted 2623 days ago

    Feiko Miedema

    Heey Don,
    It's only speculation but could the Pens have signed Eric Belanger? It seems he has been signed, but the team he has been signed with is either in cap trouble or doesn't have a roster spot.