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Bryce Sherman

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Bryce Sherman was born in Long Beach, California and landed in this world wearing a Lakers jersey. He grew up in a time when the Showtime Lakers were the biggest and best show in Hollywood. His favorite player, Magic Johnson, made the game exciting with his no look passes and ability to play any position on the floor. Bryce picked up writing at a young age and has steadily continued to indulge his passion over the years. His love of sports made the result of combining the two hobbies a natural one. He still lives in Orange County, California and never misses a Lakers game.
Despite his apparent love for the Los Angeles Lakers he is able to look objectively at the sport of basketball and write honestly. He is a fan of the game, not just the Lakers, and as such enjoys the entire league. He tries to ensure he is knowledgeable about the news throughout the league so he can write about the ways any news might impact his favorite team.
Feel free to leave comments and ideas below Bryce's articles. He appreciates constructive criticism and is constantly looking for ways to improve his writing. Thank you for reading and...

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