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Corey Caponero

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I am a third generation Calgarian, but not a fan of any of the sports teams here in the very least. I was raised on Stampede Wrestling with Ed Whalen and Stu Hart. I am a history buff, especially the American Civil War. I am a fan also of Star Trek, but the original series only. I have seen Stu Hart do everything before the WWE who has basically copied (very poorly) Stu's ideas. I am a fan of the original six NHL teams, especially the Boston Bruins. The "Heritage Classic" games have not changed the fact that I think the NHL is all about money, not the game itself, the "Phoenix Coyotes Affair" is proof of that. I like NFL football and think the CFL is a substandard league no better than an US High School league. I don't care for basketball it's little more than a women's game anyways, men play football or hockey.

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