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  • William Ross posted 1422 days ago

    William Ross

    This begs the question, How long have you been a Chelsea fan??

  • I Am Not A Glory Hunter posted 1440 days ago

    I Am Not A  Glory Hunter

    If you are a football fanatic like I am ..Try answer this.. If you fail
    You're actually one of the Glory Hunter

    The glory hunter test.

    Have you always supported Chelsea?
    Are they your local team?
    Did you start supporting that team after the season ended or during?
    When was the last time you went to their stadium?
    Have you ever turned off the TV or left a match early because you were losing?
    Have you got any of the club shirts?
    What is the reason you supported the team?
    How long have you supported the team for?
    And finally...
    Do you ever envy other teams and wish you supported that team?

  • gilligan marley posted 1453 days ago

    gilligan marley

    @Jason: "Wow...I was trying to come up with something to make fun of you but I can't. Like seriously. Don't speak if you're ignorant. You look really really dumb."

    says the guy who is too ignorant/dumb to come up with a comeback.

    you're right man, you really do look dumb when you're too ignorant to speak yet insist on doing it anyway. way to prove your own point and look like a hypocritical moron in the process. great job!