My Bleacher Report ride started with a run as a Featured Columnist of the Golden State Warriors and has since grown to a National Featured Columnist role on the NBA team.

On the keyboard, I'm doing everything in my power to help expand your enjoyment of the world's greatest game. On the court, I'm the guy you love to have on your team and hate to play against (provided you love playing with a water faucet, unabashed gunner who chirps nonstop.)

I welcome any and all questions or comments you might have. Leave them for me here, or let me know what I got right, wrong or anything in between over on Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  • Greg Swartz posted 7 days ago

    Greg Swartz

    Thanks for the shoutout in your Kyrie-Bron article.

  • Arnold Hernandez posted 12 days ago

    Arnold Hernandez

    Will someone please write about the difference between Tim Duncan and Karl Malone as the best power forward?

  • Willy D posted 64 days ago

    Willy D

    In the article you recently wrote about Bosh, you mentioned that 4 finals in a row hasn't been accomplished since Boston in the 80's. However, The Lakers did it in the 2000's. If you meant Eastern Conference, understandable, but good article nonetheless.

  • Brandon Williams posted 110 days ago

    Brandon Williams

    You are really amazing in making articles

  • Brandon Williams posted 110 days ago

    Brandon Williams

    Hey want to be my friend

  • Jihoon Nam posted 117 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    I just wanted to say that your most recent article on the Spurs was just plain horribly disrespectful.

    Oh, the Spurs' winning streak was broken. By who? By OKC, another contender. OMG AN EXCUSE TO SAY THAT SPURS ARENT ALL THAT.

    Yes, that was basically what that article was all about, and all the articles about San Antonio here are about.

    I wonder why you guys even write about a team if all that article has in it is plain directed, obvious hate and joy in seeing them fall...

    Media, such a great thing, hey.

  • Small Fundamental posted 117 days ago

    Small Fundamental


    This article was one of the worst articles in the history of Bleacher Report.

    I hope you are proud.

  • Ken Nguyen posted 151 days ago

    Ken Nguyen

    Please stop sensationalizing articles with their headlines. We just want straight-edge journalism.

  • Woodrow Mahan posted 202 days ago

    Woodrow Mahan

    KD is allowed to smoke hookah, no reason for a write up.

  • Luke Willson posted 210 days ago

    Luke  Willson

    Personally, I think it was either JR, Kenyon Martin, or Allen Iverson who made the Melo leaving NY comment, who do you think it was?

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