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Graduate of the University of Kentucky. Cleveland sports fan. Frustrated respecter of LeBron James. Influencer of bad ideas.
I get the privilege of writing about sports and entertainment each day for various publications—how dope is that? In addition to Bleacher Report, I'm a regular contributor to Esquire, Maxim and
The day a Cleveland sports team wins a title is the day I can officially say my life is complete.

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  • Cody Barnes posted 65 days ago

    Cody Barnes

    How can you leave out Tom Glavine for athletes who almost played another sport? 69th overall pick in the 1984 NHL draft.

  • P Pas. posted 78 days ago

    P Pas.

    Your knowledge of soccer is terrible. Did you just look up "leading goal scorers", and automatically put them into your "Athletes so good..." list? Pathetic. Perhaps one day you should actually watch a soccer game. It'll make you a better writer.

  • MIGGY IS A GOD. posted 87 days ago


    For saying Bryce Harper is underrated, YOU SHOULD BE BANNED FROM B/R!!!

  • Julian Strom posted 90 days ago

    Julian  Strom

    How could you say Bryce Harper is underrated. He's by far the most overrated player coming into the 2014 campaign. Most would agree that there was so much hype around him and he can't live up to it. To many injuries...

  • Kenneth Chilcoat posted 157 days ago

    Kenneth Chilcoat

    Hey Nick, in your resent article about athletes that hate their former teams I think Kenny Easley should have made the cut. He absolutely hated the Seahawks for decades after being on of the best players in franchise history.

  • Lance Merritt posted 163 days ago

    Lance Merritt

    Hey Nick

    You've failed to put the Ron Artest/Trevor Ariza shoe fail as the number one shoe fail. I hope you are familiar with this fail, as it easily could have been number 1. I demand a recount.

  • Nick Dimengo posted 190 days ago

    Nick Dimengo

    @scott: you're right, chael does run his mouth A TON, but he hasn't had the success some of the other athletes have had, so i left him out. fair or not, that's kind of how i ranked them. thanks for reading/enjoy, bro.

  • Scott Williamson posted 190 days ago

    Scott Williamson

    Nick, you have to include Chael P. Sonnen in your "Biggest Trash Talkers..." article. Youtube him. You will soon realize the error. I provided links in my comments to the article. Thanks for writing it.

  • Nick Dimengo posted 195 days ago

    Nick Dimengo

    @Ron: thanks for the info. wish i had known before i put my piece together.

  • Ron Imbriale posted 197 days ago

    Ron Imbriale

    Nick, regarding your article on technologies that are changing the Olympics just want to let you know that most federations in both the Winter and Summer Olympics from many countries use Dartfish for video analysis solutions. Dartfish has apps, software, cloud sharing platforms, consulting and training all over the world. The US Ski Team, Swiss Bobsled, Norway Bobsled, most of the Korean and Dutch winter teams among many others use them. In salt Lake, Torino, Vancouver and now Sochi they were and are being used extensively.